Superstar Marxist Professor Just Endorsed Trump for President

Your favorite rock star Marxist professor and public intellectual Slavoj Žižek just endorsed Donald Trump for president in one of his signature rants.

Speaking with UK’s Channel 4, Žižek was asked whom he would vote for in the U.S. presidential election.  “Trump,” he quickly replied, adding that while the GOP nominee horrifies him, “Hillary is the true danger.”

According to him, “[Hillary] built an impossible all-inclusive coalition. Look, the one point when I fully agreed with Trump was, you remember, when Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary? He said it’s like somebody from Occupy Wall Street endorsing Lehman Brothers.”

Zizek, a senior researcher at the Institute for Sociology and Philosophy at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, continued: “In every society there is a whole network of unwritten rules, how politics works, and how you build consensus. Trump disturbed this. And if Trump wins, both big parties, Republicans and Democrats, would have to return to basics, rethink themselves, and maybe some things can happen there.”

Named in 2012 by Foreign Policy as one of the top 100 global thinkers, Zizek also dismisses the warnings that Trump will bring fascism to America. Instead he thinks it will be a “big awakening”:

That’s my desperate, very desperate hope, that if Trumps wins, listen, America is still not a dictatorial state, he will not introduce fascism. But it will be a kind of big awakening. New political processes will be set in motion, will be triggered.

He does mildly criticize Trump by claiming he will nominate “right-wingers” to the Supreme Court who might be dangerous. However, his fear of that is nothing compared to Clinton’s presidency, as she “stands for this absolute inertia, the most dangerous one. Because she is a cold warrior, and so on, connected with banks, pretending to be socially progressive.”

Zizek’s endorsement of Trump will surely confuse tens of thousands of college students.


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