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Superstitions and omens of hair

Superstitions and omens of hair

Negative magical effects using human biological material are common. Hair is considered one of the most suitable material for this purpose. With their help, black magicians induce spoilage, which can cause serious problems, illnesses and even death.

Our ancestors were well aware of this kind of witchcraft, tried to recognize it in time and prevent consequences. For this reason, people’s beliefs have been composed for centuries, there have been signs and superstitions associated with rituals, during which human hair is used. Some of them have reached us.

Signs and superstitions

  1. Doing a hairstyle for a responsible event, make sure that the comb does not fall to the floor. If this happens more than 3 times, then, any endeavors are doomed to failure. In this case, it is better to postpone important matters.
  2. Do not cut your hair to yourself. They say that in this way you shorten your life path. Also, you should not be allowed to cut your hair to people with whom you are related. This can lead to a serious and protracted quarrel with them.
  3. Try in a correct form not to let others often praise their hair or a good hairdo. After all, they simply intercept them, which can develop diseases that affect the scalp, for example, dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis.
  4. Modern men do not shy away from procedures that are considered purely feminine, for example, hair removal. Men who have vegetation on their chests are not advised to remove it. It’s a sign of luck and luck. Removing hair, you can set up a fortune against yourself.
  5. Do not trust cutting your hair or doing a hairstyle to someone who causes antipathy. Such a person a priori is a threat to your biofield. He can easily deplete your energy resources, depriving him of vitality. After that, your biofield will be restored for a long time. The main signs that you have taken away energy are deterioration of well-being and occurrence of troubles at every step.
  6. Do not throw hair that has been sheared or peeled off into the water (river, well, street puddle, toilet bowl, sink, drain hole in the tub). The water flow, carrying away the hair, along with them will take away your happiness. They say that this way you can incur misfortunes, illnesses and even change your destiny for the worse.
  7. Do not cut your loved one. It is believed that such an action will lead to an early separation from him. And even in the absence of disagreements, and also the presence of a strong and mutual feeling, there is still a reason for the quarrel.
  8. Real lucky girls in life can be called girls who by nature have curly hair. In order not to “exchange” fate and not squander your luck, do not often straighten hair with ironing.
  9. Do not comb your hair immediately before going to bed. Bad will fall, nightmares will occur, and in the morning you will feel tired. If you have this habit, do it better at least half an hour before you go to bed.
  10. If you find someone else’s hair stuck to your clothes, or caught in your food, wait for favorable news. Most often they come from afar. Sometimes it promises a romantic date.
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How not to become a victim of spoilage through the hair?

For rituals, hair from any part of the body of the victim or strangers can be used. However, signs of spoilage appear only on the hair growing on the head. They will become lifeless, lose their shine and elasticity, will acquire a grayish shade, they will fall out, be cut and entangled.

So that you can not cause damage, do not throw your hair in public places. Even in the trash can not throw them. Hair is better to burn or dig in. The second option is unlikely to suit urban residents, and the first is quite acceptable and easy to implement. Take a separate container for burning the hair (preferably a tin can with a lid).

Going to the cemetery with the purpose of visiting deceased relatives and friends, always remove the hair in a tight tail or bun, and put a headscarf, hat or hood on your head. This is necessary so that not one of your hairs is left in the territory of the dead. In addition, if you have long hair, they can catch on a fence or tree branch. They, most likely, will be taken by a black sorcerer, who often visits the churchyards. For him it will be a real gift. Even for a single hair, he can, for example, reduce the failures of his client.

Do not let unfamiliar people use your comb. After all, under the guise of a person pleasant in communication, a detective can hide. He will try to stealthily take a few of your hairs and take them to a magician who uses them to perform black rituals or spoil you.

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If you find hair (one hair, a few or a tangle) on the threshold of your home or inside the living quarters, do not touch them. Wear gloves or protect hands with an unnecessary towel. Gently take the find, go to a deserted intersection of two, three or four dirt roads. At the center of the intersection, dig a hole, drop the hair along with a towel or gloves, and on top of them place a coin of any denomination that was in circulation. Bury a hole and go away.

Hair is the storehouse of the subtle energy of man. They contain huge resources of internal power. They serve as a link between the biofield and the Cosmos. Listen to the advice of our ancestors, and then no one can harm you, using your or other people’s hair. Goodness and happiness!

Superstitions and omens of hair

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