Suzuki Has Great News About The Jimny
95591 Suzuki Has Great News About The Jimny

Suzuki Has Great News About The Jimny

With the auto show canceled, Suzuki will instead reveal the car in 2022. The car will use the name “Jimny Long” and arrive with a wheelbase that is approximately 11.8 inches longer than the three-door model. This will greatly improve its passenger and cargo space, which are lacking in the three-door version. Adding more metal to an already underpowered off-roader is a recipe for disaster, but Suzuki reportedly has a plan to rectify this issue.

The Jimny Long will reportedly gain a turbocharger on top of its 1.5-liter engine, as well as a mild-hybrid setup. The exact output figures from this setup are currently unknown, but a turbocharger and the 48-volt system should help the Jimny Long produce significantly more than 100 hp.

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