Tesla's Biggest Threat Hits Pause On Plans To Sell Cars In The USA

BYD was quite far into the process before hitting pause. It spent most of last year conducting studies, finding out how to set up a distribution network on American soil. According to the sources, BYD even hired a Detroit-based consultancy firm to calculate how many dealers it would need and what these dealers should look like.

Despite the Inflation Reduction Act, changing opinions would have been a real challenge. Unlike most of its rivals in China, BYD is not state-owned. In fact, its biggest shareholder is Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, based in the US.

BYD is also the only manufacturer to really make a dent in Tesla’s sales figures, and it has an ongoing partnership with Toyota. Together, they build the new bZ3X, based on the same platform as the Toyota bZ4X.

BYD is unlike any other Chinese automaker, but it may take a long time for prejudiced Americans to realize that.

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