87859 Teslas Are Mysteriously Stopping At Burger King

Teslas Are Mysteriously Stopping At Burger King

The technical slip-up was first noticed by a Tesla Model 3 owner who filmed his car stopping next to a Burger King sign: “So you’ll see, just as I come over this hill there’s a Burger King sign, and the car is going to try to stop. It thinks a Burger King sign is a stop sign. Over and over again.” the driver says. This leaves the occupants in the perfect position to go get some Burger King as if you need a better excuse. Interestingly enough, it looks like the driver has cut the top half of his steering wheel off, and modified his navigation screen. Weird.

Burger King’s marketing team quickly picked up on this video and started doing what they do best: advertise junk food to the masses. Burger King used the #autopilotwhopper hashtag to promote its unique special in which customers could qualify for a free whopper if they shared a photo of their smart car outside a BK restaurant with the #autopilotwhopper and #freewhopper hashtag. The special ran until June 23.

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