The Dog Poop Bags And Dispensers That Pet Parents Use

The Dog Poop Bags And Dispensers That Pet Parents Use

For a no-frills, straightforward dog waste option, opt for these Amazon Basics bags. They’re unscented and come in black for a discreet, opaque look that hides your dog’s business. Available quantities of 300, 600 or 900 bags, they also come with a dispenser that attaches to your pup’s leash.

Promising review:
“These bags are great — not too thick or thin, easy to tear and open, the right size, and pretty decent at containing the odor when closed properly/ tied off. I love that there’s a line to show where you’re supposed to tear the bag. Haven’t had any issues so far, having gone through 3 rolls. The little bag holder is cute too. All in all, pretty standard, but definitely better than a lot of bags I’ve used where they were too thin, hard to open, or were literally single sheets of plastic instead of bags (lol). I also love that they’re black instead of the standard green or whatever. It’s a little less obvious it’s full of poop and you can’t see through the bag, which is great.” — Chippo

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