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The lunar calendar of dreams for April, 2020

The lunar calendar of dreams for April, 2020

April 1, 2020

9 lunar day
Symbol: Baht (soul)


Dreams this lunar day can show the internal conflict hidden in subconsciousness. The dream can be unpleasant and even awful, but it tells you only about problems which disappear in your subconsciousness usually because of your karmic problems which need to be solved.

As energy of this day is difficult, dreams can be difficult. But it isn’t necessary to be afraid of them, don’t attach significance to the images appearing this day in a dream. Just analyse a dream and take useful information or throw out a dream and don’t forget to tell: “Where night there and dream”.

April 2, 2020

10 lunar day
Symbol: Fountain


This 10th lunar day, is connected with family, a family tree, generation and dreams. So, you can dream about relatives, spouses, children and even spiritual parents. If in a dream you saw Spirit of the Keeper, be careful, listen that he tells because thanks to it you can come to understanding of important questions, maybe, you will be given some support from family or knowledge of a sort will be imparted.

Dreams this lunar day can be quite easy, bright and fantastic, but usually they doesn’t matter. Disturbing dreams are necessary to understand and release them.

April 3, 2020

11 lunar day
Symbol: Kundalini


Dreams this lunar day usually show, how well we move in the material and spiritual worlds. Images which you saw rather accurately, mean your position at the moment of time.

If your dream good, and you in a positive role, it means that your development goes in the right direction.

If in a dream you have caused troubles, it means that in your life you aren’t right. The good dream this day is happiness. He can bear useful information and, as a rule, is implemented.

Sometimes this lunar day you don’t see dreams, then life allows you to relax because it is difficult and very power — expensive day.

April 4, 2020

12 lunar day
Symbol: Heart


Dreams in the 12th lunar day can show to what values you give the big importance in everyday life. If in a dream you see material values, then your spiritual life is negligible and the material aspect prevails.

If you see generally spiritual images, then your material world is negligible, and you have no balance between material and spiritual in your life. It means that you need to make efforts to balance material life and spiritual life.

If you belong to those people who are on the spiritual way, this lunar day the dream can be a revelation. Also this day there can be dreams which aren’t of great importance.

April 5, 2020

13 lunar day
Symbol: Wheel


Energy of this lunar day shows, you circle or something changes, and you climb a spiral staircase up. Dreams are the main council for this understanding. They can show you where you don’t want to change yourself or what it is difficult to overcome.

In these dreams Life knocks at your door and tells you where you need to go for changes. It is important not to ignore these hints and to begin to follow them, then you release a little energy for future actions. Don’t forget to write down the dreams when you wake up to analyse them.

April 6, 2020

13 lunar day
Symbol: Wheel


Energy of this lunar day shows, you circle or something changes, and you climb a spiral staircase up. Dreams are the main council for this understanding. They can show you where you don’t want to change yourself or what it is difficult to overcome.

In these dreams Life knocks at your door and tells you where you need to go for changes. It is important not to ignore these hints and to begin to follow them, then you release a little energy for future actions. Don’t forget to write down the dreams when you wake up to analyse them.

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April 7, 2020

14 lunar day
Symbol: Pipes


Dreams this lunar day aren’t significant, but they can show your hidden abilities which should be developed. Usually these dreams don’t come true. If you have woken up with unpleasant memoirs, don’t worry about it.

April 8, 2020

15 lunar day
Symbol: Fiery dragon


Dreams this lunar day can be different, it depends on your internal state. If you had a bright kind dream, it can come true, but nobody should tell about it.

If you dreamed something heavy, it means that your internal state is in an imbalance, take care of yourself. You can determine by character of your dream what energy in your subconsciousness dominates now — light or dark.

This day prophetical dreams which give information next month often dream.

April 9, 2020

16 lunar day
Symbol: Butterfly


Dreams this day usually help to reduce stress or to show that you are very strained. If you have defined degree of the tension, look for ways to relax. For example, you can make oil massage or the weakening bathtub.

Dreams which you had can be different — harmonious or chaotic. Don’t try to interpret them — the main task of these dreams — to clean you and to balance your system. If you see something awful, it means that your subconsciousness is cleaned from a negative.

These dreams can even help to get rid of a disease. Also dreams this lunar day can help to find balance of lives and tranquility.

April 10, 2020

17 lunar day
Symbol: Shakti (power, force)


The 17th lunar day is connected with female energy, including all her aspects. Thus, dreams this day are reflection of that, how harmoniously you use the energy. Dreams can show if you have suppressed her. Therefore if you can define tension degree, try to find creative realization of the energy.

If you have sweet dreams this day, it means that you are absolutely creative, and at you everything is all right with an opposite sex. If you dream unpleasant dreams, you need to pay more attention to manifestation of your creativity and to improve the relations with an opposite sex.

April 11, 2020

18 lunar day
Symbol: Mirror


Dreams of this lunar day are a reflection themselves. If has dreamed you that you were active and vigorous, but in life, on the contrary, you are very discouraged and passive, then you have to look for balance. You have to try to be active and vigorous in some situations and to show patience in others. If in a dream you same as in life, and you have no desire to change themselves, then in your subconsciousness aren’t present contradictions with your ideas of yourself.

If the dream indicated an imbalance and contradictions in subconsciousness, then you have to write this dream, and during the 18th lunar day you need to look what problems will be shown you and to begin to work with him. In these dreams there can be hints on overcoming problems, including health.

The good dream this lunar day foretells you profit and successful acquisitions.

April 12, 2020

19 lunar day
Symbol: Spider


It is difficult lunar day, and dreams can also be unpleasant. Therefore if you have a bad dream, say any prayer after a dream or just tell “Where night a dream there” and present how the dream disappears. This day don’t try to interpret dreams, it is better to address professionals. Today dreams hide psychological problems of subconsciousness.

April 13, 2020

20 lunar day
Symbol: Eagle


Dreams can quickly come true. This lunar day you can order a dream at will. For example, in a dream you can go there where you want to visit.

Also this day you can try to find in a dream of other people. By means of dreams this day the solution of some problems is possible.

The travel to the thin worlds is also possible.

April 14, 2020

21 lunar days
Symbol: Herd of horses


The main task of dreams this lunar day — to show as far as creative energy in life is shown — she is depressed or is harmoniously used. In other aspects dreams don’t matter and seldom come true.

April 15, 2020

22 lunar day
Symbol: Ganesh (wisdom, wellbeing)


Dreams of this lunar day can have the return value. They can be just empty, and it doesn’t make sense to interpret them and also they can show you, where to go and in what direction to change.

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As this lunar day – put it Ganesh (God of knowledge who helps to overcome obstacles) through a dream, you can solve some problems and gain a revelation and new knowledge.

This lunar day, before going to bed, you can adjust yourself and ask the question. And after you will wake up, don’t forget to write down information obtained during sleep.

April 16, 2020

23 lunar day
Symbol: Crocodile


Today dreams are deceptive and are even opposite to reality. What to dream this lunar day needs to be understood absolutely on the contrary. Perhaps, you will dream the bad dreams connected with energy of lunar day. Sometimes these dreams show in what you don’t accept yourself.

April 17, 2020

24 lunar day
Symbol: Bear


Dreams of this lunar day show the status of your energy, your creative force, internal force. If dreams this day are good, then at you everything is all right. If something bad has dreamed you, perhaps you insufficiently creatively prove in life, or your many internal forces have been spent, and you have to restore energy. This lunar day you can sometimes dream the antecedents, in this case life gives you the direct instruction on a problem which you need to solve.

April 18, 2020

25 lunar day
Symbol: Turtle


It is considered that this lunar day — day of prophetical dreams. This day it is important to interpret dreams by means of an intuition. Even if images in a dream are very clear, you need all the same to listen to the inner voice.

If in a dream you saw something unpleasant, in the morning you have to say a prayer and take a cold shower.

April 19, 2020

26 lunar day
Symbol: Toad and swamp


Dreams this lunar day can show you habits of which it would be good to get rid. If in a dream you saw yourself the dictator, then you should reduce the arrogance.

If in a dream your role is small, for example, you saw yourself to the poor, it means that you have very low self-assessment. In these dreams you can see the secret party of the soul.

If in a dream you saw a lightning, this prevention that you have to subdue pride and vanity. This day there can be dreams which improve your mood.

Dreams for the 26th lunar day can come true, especially if they in color.

April 20, 2020

27 lunar day
Symbol: Trident


It is day when not only dreams, but also signs come true.

Dreams this lunar day can give you intuitive knowledge, understanding of other people and events. They can show you true nature of things.

For example, if you suspect someone of treachery, and dreams you that he saves you from fire — it means that your suspicions unreasonable, and this person — the true friend, he can be trusted.

But be attentive to interpretation of these dreams, you can be mistaken therefore it is better to consult to the person who well understands psychology of dreams.

April 21, 2020

28 lunar day
Symbol: Lotus


This lunar day you can work with dreams. Dreams can show obstacles, difficulties in affairs and ways of their overcoming.

This lunar day prophetical dreams are possible. In these dreams you can see the future.

Draw conclusions and you remember — dreams only warn, and they come true or not, depends on you.

During sleep you can see whom you were in the previous life. Besides, dreams of this day reflect the sensual world of the person, his emotional sphere, the sphere of love and therefore in interpretation of dreams you can consider the obstacles connected with expression of love and find ways of their decision.

April 22, 2020

29 lunar day
Symbol: Octopus


Energy of this lunar day is difficult, and it leaves the mark in dreams.

Before going to bed light a candle. During the 29th lunar day try to maintain harmony with yourself and good mood. Analyse dreams which you had if it is possible, with the psychologist.

These dreams can be difficult, unpleasant and frightening. In this case this reflection of your subconsciousness which it has saved up and from which you have to be released.

April 23, 2020

1 lunar day
Symbol: Candle


In the 1st lunar day before you to fall asleep, you can be prepared by new lunar month, grant your most courageous dreams and desires, but they have to be constructive, otherwise you damage to yourself.

At this time you can see dreams which will show you what to expect next month, but these dreams — only sketches.

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If you don’t like this dream, try to analyse it, to draw conclusions, and it will dissipate. If in a dream you saw that wanted, don’t forget to include it in the plan of lunar month. Some dreams can be executed.

April 24, 2020

2 lunar day
Symbol: Horn of plenty


Dreams in the second lunar day can indicate a way of the solution of some karmic problems, especially if these problems began to be shown in life.

Therefore you have to be especially attentive to these dreams. Dreams this day open to us what is written down in our subconsciousness and controls us in everyday life. Before going to bed you can define a problem for the decision. If this day you had a dream in which you can overcome obstacles, in life you easily will overcome them.

April 25, 2020

3 lunar day
Symbol: Leopard


In dreams of this day you can realize as your energy flows. Dreams this lunar day seldom come true, they have value in itself, and your behavior in them is important.

Usually these dreams show the internal strength of the person. Therefore if in a dream there were elements of fight or an obstacle, resistance, don’t worry.

If you have woken up with feeling of a depression, you should finish mentally a dream, overcome an obstacle and win.

April 26, 2020

4 lunar day
Symbol: Tree of knowledge


Dreams this lunar day can come true, especially color. In these dreams there can be your parents or relatives, it means that you need to analyse what problem you have inherited from them and to begin to solve it.

If your dream is connected with any threat – it is prevention to be especially careful in the choice of line of conduct.

April 27, 2020

5 lunar day
Symbol: Unicorn


This day dreams can come true, but the disturbing dream is prevention. If you dreamed yourself in a dream, be not afraid, it is the good sign.

If your dreams are connected with the road, with the movement — means, you are fine.

If you dream something unpleasant, it is sign to think of your health.

Also these dreams can show how you cope with the tasks. After the careful analysis you can see how there is your evolution — you change or circle.

April 28, 2020

6 lunar day
Symbol: Crane


Everything what you dreamed this lunar day of, can be regarded as a revelation of the highest forces. These dreams often show what affairs should be finished and it is desirable quickly. In this dream you can see people to whom you are obliged. But always you remember that dreams have to be correctly interpreted therefore your feelings are very important for understanding of any dream, especially this lunar day.

This day you can ask a question to the Highest forces, having woken up, surely write down a dream and carefully analyse him, using an intuition because the answer can be described symbols.

April 29, 2020

7 lunar day
Symbol: Wind rose


Dreams this day can bring useful information, there are even prophetical. Dreams can come true, but not soon. In these dreams there can be hints which could help to explain sense of your life. Pay special attention to words which you heard in a dream.

This lunar day the subconsciousness communicates with us through this word. It is desirable to write down words which you heard in a dream, and during the 7th lunar day to be careful that you hear from others, it can be important for you.

April 30, 2020

8 lunar day
Symbol: Phoenix


This lunar day dreams show your ability which you haven’t realized yet. You can see the instruction on problems from which you have turned away in the past and have forgotten, but they need to be solved.

You can see tasks for which you have force, not to turn away from them, to try to use this force for the solution of objectives. Besides, images of dreams show ability to change and transformation at this time. Therefore if you saw the closed spaces and obstacles, it means that you don’t change.

If on the contrary, you saw open spaces, fields, mountains, the sea, the beautiful and light room, it means that you go in the right direction. Thus, the main task of dreams this day — to show the mission. Carefully consider the dreams and keep in mind that life seldom sets great tasks for us, it is possible from your point of view it is a small task, but she will be very valuable to you.

The lunar calendar of dreams for April, 2020

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