The Lunar Calendar of Dreams from 1 – 15 January 2019
72652 The Lunar Calendar of Dreams from 16 - 31 January 2019

The Lunar Calendar of Dreams from 1 – 15 January 2019

The Lunar Calendar of Dreams from 1 – 15 January 2019

1 January 2019

25 lunar day
Symbol: Turtle


It is believed that this lunar day is a day of prophetic dreams. On this day it is important to interpret dreams with the help of intuition. Even if the images in the dream are very clear, you still need to listen to your inner voice.

If you saw something unpleasant in a dream, you should read a prayer in the morning and take a cold shower.

2 January 2019

26 lunar day
Symbol: Toad and swamp


Dreaming on this lunar day can show you habits that would be nice to get rid of. If you saw yourself as a dictator in a dream, then you should reduce your pride.

If in a dream your role is small, for example, you saw yourself poor, this means that you have very low self-esteem. In these dreams you can see the secret side of your soul.

If in a dream you saw lightning, this is a warning that you must tame pride and vanity. On this day there can be dreams that improve your mood.

Dreams on the 26th lunar day can come true, especially if they are in color.

3 January 2019

27 lunar day
Symbol: Trident


This is the day when not only dreams come true, but also signs.

Dreams on this lunar day can give you intuitive knowledge, understanding of other people and events. They can show you the true nature of things.

For example, if you suspect someone of treachery, and you dream that he saves you from the fire – this means that your suspicions are unfounded, and this person is a true friend, he can be trusted.

But be careful with the interpretation of these dreams, you can make mistakes, so it is better to consult a person who is well versed in the psychology of dreams.

January 4, 2019

28 lunar day
Symbol: Lotus


On this lunar day you can work with dreams. Dreams can show obstacles, difficulties in matters and ways to overcome them.

On this lunar day, prophetic dreams are possible. In these dreams you can see your future.

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Draw conclusions and remember – dreams only warn, and they come true or not, it depends on you.

During sleep you can see who you were in the previous life. In addition, the dreams of this day reflect the human sensory world, its emotional sphere, the sphere of love, and therefore in the interpretation of dreams you can consider the obstacles associated with the expression of love and find ways to solve them.

January 5, 2019

29 lunar day
Symbol: Octopus


The energy of this lunar day is complex, and it leaves its mark on dreams.

Light a candle before going to bed. During the 29th lunar day, try to maintain harmony with yourself and a good mood. Dreams that you have seen, analyze, if possible, with a psychologist.

These dreams can be complex, unpleasant and frightening. In this case it is a reflection of your subconscious mind, which it has accumulated and from which you must free yourself.

6 January 2019

1 lunar day
Symbol: Candle


On the 1st lunar day, before you fall asleep, you can prepare for a new lunar month, fulfill your wildest dreams and desires, but they must be constructive, otherwise you will hurt yourself.

At this time, you can see dreams that will show you what to expect next month, but these dreams are just sketches.

If you do not like this dream, try to analyze it, draw conclusions, and it will dissipate. If in a dream you saw what you wanted, do not forget to include it in your plan for the lunar month. Some dreams can be fulfilled.

January 7, 2019

2 lunar day
Symbol: Cornucopia


Dreams on the second lunar day may indicate a way of solving some karmic problems, especially if these problems began to manifest in life.

Therefore, you must be especially attentive to these dreams. Dreams on this day reveal to us what is written in our subconscious and controls us in everyday life. Before going to bed, you can determine the problem for the solution. If on this day you had a dream in which you can overcome obstacles, in life you can easily overcome them.

January 8, 2019

3 lunar day
Symbol: Leopard


In dreams of this day you can realize how your energy flows. Dreams on this lunar day rarely come true, they have value in themselves, and important is your behavior in them.

Usually these dreams show the inner power of a person. Therefore, if there were elements of struggle or obstacles in a dream, resistance, do not worry.

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If you are awake with a sense of depression, you should mentally complete the dream, overcome the obstacle and defeat.

January 9, 2019

4 lunar day
Symbol: Knowledge tree


Dreams on this lunar day can come true, especially color. In these dreams can be your parents or relatives, this means that you need to analyze what problem you inherited from them, and begin to solve it.

If your sleep is associated with some kind of threat – this is a warning to be especially careful in choosing a line of conduct.

10 January 2019

5 lunar day
Symbol: Unicorn


On this day, dreams can come true, but an anxious dream is a warning. If you dreamed of yourself in a dream, do not be afraid, it’s a good sign.

If your dreams are connected with the road, with the movement – then you are doing well.

If you dream something unpleasant, it is a sign to think about your health.

Also, these dreams can show how you are coping with your tasks. After a thorough analysis, you can see how your evolution is going – you are changing or moving in a circle.

11 January 2019

6 lunar day
Symbol: Crane


All that you dreamed of on this lunar day can be regarded as a revelation of the higher powers. These dreams often show which cases should be completed and preferably quickly. In this dream, you can see the people you owe. But always remember that dreams should be correctly interpreted, so your feelings are very important for understanding any sleep, especially on this lunar day.

On this day you can ask a question to the Higher Forces, when you wake up, be sure to write down the dream and carefully analyze it using intuition, because the answer can be described by symbols.

12 January 2019

7 lunar day
Symbol: Wind rose


Dreams on this day can bring useful information, there are even prophetic. Dreams can come true, but not soon. In these dreams there may be hints that could help explain the meaning of your life. Pay special attention to the words that you heard in a dream.

On this lunar day the subconscious communicates with us through this word. Words that you heard in a dream, it is desirable to record, and during the 7th lunar day to be careful what you hear from others, it may be important for you.

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January 13, 2019

8 lunar day
Symbol: Phoenix


On this lunar day, dreams show your ability, which you have not yet realized. You can see an indication of the problems from which you turned away in the past and forgot, but they need to be solved.

You can see the tasks for which you have the strength, do not turn away from them, try to use this force to solve the tasks. In addition, images of dreams at this time show the ability to change and transform. Therefore, if you have seen enclosed spaces and obstacles, this means that you do not change.

If on the contrary, you have seen open spaces, fields, mountains, the sea, a beautiful and bright room, this means that you are going in the right direction. Thus, the main task of dreams on this day is to show one’s purpose. Thoroughly consider your dreams and keep in mind that life rarely poses great challenges for us, perhaps from your point of view this is a small task, but it will be very valuable to you.

January 14, 2019

9 lunar day
Symbol: Bath (shower)


Dreams on this lunar day can show an inner conflict hidden in the subconscious. Sleep can be unpleasant and even horrible, but it tells you only about the problems that are hidden in your subconscious, usually because of your karmic problems that need to be solved.

Because the energy of this day is complex, dreams can be difficult. But you do not need to be afraid of them, do not attach importance to the images that appear on that day in a dream. Just analyze the dream and extract useful information or throw away the dream and do not forget to say: “Where the night is there and sleep.”

January 15, 2019

10 lunar day
Symbol: Fountain


This 10th lunar day is associated with family, genealogy, generation and dreams. So, in a dream you can see relatives, spouses, children and even spiritual parents. If you saw the Spirit of the Guardian in a dream, be careful, listen to what he says, because through this you can come to an understanding of important issues, maybe you will be given some kind of support from the family or knowledge about the family will be transferred.

Dreams on this lunar day can be quite light, bright and fantastic, but usually they do not matter. Disturbing dreams are necessary to understand and release them.

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