45049 The Lunar Calendar of Dreams December 18 - 31, 2017

The Lunar Calendar of Dreams September 18 – 30, 2017

The Lunar Calendar of Dreams September 18 – 30, 2017

18 September 2017

28th lunar day Waning moon
Begins at 03:30 The moon in Virgo

The meaning of dreams on the 28th lunar day

In these lunar days you can work with dreams. Dreams can indicate obstacles, difficulties in the affairs and ways to overcome them. Dreams on these days are prophetic. In them you can see your future. Draw conclusions and know: sleep only warns, but it will come true or not – it depends on you. In a dream, a person can see who he was in the previous life. In addition, dreams on this day reflect the sensual world of a person, his emotional sphere, the sphere of love, and therefore, when interpreting sleep, one can consider the obstacles associated with the manifestation of love, and, finding a hint, follow it.

19 September 2017

29th lunar day Waning moon
Begins at 04:48 The moon in Virgo

The meaning of dreams on the 29th lunar day

The energy of the day is complicated, this leaves its imprint on dreams. Before you go to bed, light a candle and clean the house of space. During the day, try to keep balance, a good mood. Dreams that you see, analyze, if possible, with a psychologist. Dreams can be complex, unpleasant and frightening, but in this case it is a reflection of your subconscious and what has accumulated in it, from which you have to be cleansed.

20 September 2017

30th lunar day
Begins at 06:05 Moon in Libra

The meaning of dreams on the 30th lunar day

On these lunar days you can see bright and joyful dreams, which are usually fulfilled, but only if you have worked well with your subconscious during the lunar month. These can be dreams-totals, dreams, which show what is to be done in the next lunar cycle. This lunar day is rare, so be especially attentive to the dreams of this day. Write them down and analyze what you did and what you have to do, what you should pay attention to and what to make efforts.

1st lunar day New Moon at 08:29
Begins at 08:29 The moon in Libra

The meaning of dreams on the 1st lunar day

If your sleep cycle falls on the 1st lunar day, then before you go to bed, you can set yourself up so that in the next lunar month your wildest dreams and wishes come true, but they must be creative, otherwise you will harm yourself. At this time dreams may occur that will show you what will happen next month, but these dreams are only sketches, if you do not like the dream, do not worry, try to just analyze it and draw it, it will dissipate by itself. As a rule, in the first lunar day from the new moon, rarely have heavy dreams. If you dream something good – it’s for joy. If in a dream you saw what you want, do not forget to make it into your plan for the lunar month, which must necessarily be made in the first lunar day. Some dreams can be fulfilled.

September 21, 2017

2nd lunar day Growing moon
Begins at 07:21 The moon in Libra

The meaning of dreams on the 2nd lunar day

The dreams of the second lunar day can be a dream-pointers of the path that you have to choose to solve your karmic problems, especially if these tasks began to manifest themselves in life. Therefore, to sleep at this time you need to be especially careful. These dreams bear a bookmark for work for the whole month, in the future the images that will come to you in a dream will be just a sweep of what you dreamed today. Therefore, it is desirable to interpret the dream correctly, and not be afraid to face the truth. Dreams reveal to us what is written in our subconscious, and what we manage in everyday life, so if you discovered a side that at first sight seems not pleasant and not truthful, think about it and try to work with the manifested problem. There may be empty dreams that you should not attach importance to, it means that your tasks are not yet indicated. They may not be very pleasant, but it does not matter. Before you go to bed, you can designate a task if you want to understand what you need to work with. If this day had a dream, where you can not overcome some obstacle, then in life it is easy to overcome it.

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September 22, 2017

3rd lunar day Growing moon
Begins at 08:34 The moon in Libra

The meaning of dreams on the 3rd lunar day

The dreams of this day show how you waste the energy that the Higher Forces give you. You can understand how your energy flows away, or, conversely, is harmoniously redistributed. Dreams on these lunar days rarely come true, they matter in themselves, and your behavior in it is important. As a rule, these are dreams that check the inner forces of a person. In life they do not matter, but in your inner world they carry out a certain hardening. Therefore, if in a dream there were elements of struggle or overcoming obstacles, resistance, and you did not save, then your internal forces are all right. If you woke up feeling depressed, losing, then mentally finish the dream, how you overcome the obstacle, the resistance, win! Dreams of this day can also be dream-pointers, which will show what must be overcome on the way when solving problems where it is necessary to direct energy properly, so that it flows freely, and not flies to the black hole of the subconscious.

September 23, 2017

4th lunar day Growing moon
Begins at 09:46 The moon in Scorpio

The meaning of dreams on the 4th lunar day

Dreams, especially colored ones, can be fulfilled. If on the night before this day you dreamed that something is tangled, for example, threads or hair, or the intertwining of roads seems incomprehensible and confusing to you, then it is advisable to analyze what you have conceived and completely abandon plans or rethink, reschedule . In the dreams of these lunar days, one way or another, your parents or relatives may be present. This instruction: you need to analyze what problems you inherited from them, and begin their solution. If you have a dream, it’s a warning that you have to be especially careful and aware of your choice of your behavior. The images that are in your dreams on this day can indicate regions of the ‘fall’ where you can pierce, but mean your inner world, or, in other words, your spiritual component. It’s easier to say that at this time you can understand from which side of the ‘tree of knowledge of good and evil’ at this point in time most of your energy has accumulated. If you have clearly realized this, take it as a reference to action.

24 September 2017

5th lunar day Growing moon
Begins at 10:56 The moon in Scorpio

The meaning of dreams on the 5th lunar day

On this day, a good dream can come true, and unpleasant is a dream warning. If you see yourself in a dream crying, do not panic, this day is a good sign, you have a natural purification of the internal resources of the body. If dreams are associated with the road, the movement – you are all right. If you dream something unpleasant – it’s a sign that you have to take care of your health. Also, a dream can show how your energy flows, how you cope with your tasks. With careful analysis, you can see how the transformation process is going on, whether you are changing, or moving in a circle.

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September 25, 2017

6th lunar day Growing moon
Begins at 12:02 The moon in Sagittarius

The meaning of dreams on the 6th lunar day

The dreams that you saw on this day can come true, but on the condition that you do not tell anyone about them. This is, as they say, “sleep in the hand.” All that you dreamed on this day can be regarded as a prediction or indication, a revelation of the Higher Forces. They often see what they did not do, or what needs to be done and preferably quickly. People who you owe to them may dream. But always remember that dreams need to be interpreted correctly, so it is very important to understand any sleep, and especially on this day, are your feelings from sleep. On this day you can ask a question to the Higher Forces, when you wake up, be sure to write down the dream, and carefully analyze it, including intuition and inner sensations, since the answer can be hidden in the symbols, and it must be correctly revealed. Try not to succumb to aggression on this day and not to get irritated, keep a calm state of mind, and then you will be able to correctly recognize the dream.

September 26, 2017

7th lunar day Growing moon
Begins at 13:05 The moon in Sagittarius

The meaning of dreams on the 7th lunar day

Dreams on this day can bring useful information, there are even prophetic. They can come true, but not soon. In these dreams there may be clues that will help explain the meaning of your life. As a rule, these tips are clear, and clearly show your situation, your tasks, your goals. Pay special attention to the words that will be uttered in a dream. It is through the words on this day that the subconscious communicates with us. The words heard in a dream, it is desirable to record, and during the seventh lunar days to observe what you hear from others, you can visit the illumination from what you heard. On this day, you can get a revelation in a dream through the words from the Higher Powers, you can appear the Supreme Image, everything that you hear from them will necessarily be a direct indication to action. If you see a cock cock in a dream, be attentive to life situations. If you had a bad dream, then tell about its content running water, then everything bad will go away, and a good one will come closer.

September 27, 2017

8th lunar day Growing moon
Begins at 14:03 The moon in Sagittarius

The meaning of dreams on the 8th lunar day

Dreams in these lunar days indicate your opportunities, which you have not realized, but which still should be realized. In addition, you can see an indication of the problems that you turned away from in the past and forgot about them, but they need to be resolved. You can see the tasks for which you have the strength, do not turn away from them, try to apply these forces to solve the tasks and do not waste energy for nothing. In addition, images of dreams at this time show the ability of you to change and transformation, so if you dream of enclosed spaces, obstacles, dead ends and the like, then you are not changing yet. If vice versa, open spaces, fields, mountains, the sea, beautiful rooms, bright, clean, then you go, transform yourself in the right direction and put effort into transformation. So, the main task of dreams this day is to show your destiny. Sometimes dreams are convoluted, and it is difficult to understand what is the meaning of your life task. Sometimes quite clearly describe the whole picture. If you want to clear your dream through sleep, set a goal the day before. When you wake up, analyze everything that you dreamed about, and keep in mind that life does not always put us great tasks, maybe this is a small task from your point of view, but fulfilling it will be of great importance to you.

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September 28, 2017

9th lunar day Growing moon
Begins at 14:54 The moon in Capricorn

The meaning of dreams on the 9th lunar day

Dreams of this day can show the inner conflict hidden in the human subconscious, and in its character. They can be unpleasant and even horrible, but it only talks about the problems that are hidden in your subconscious and, as a rule, due to your karmic tasks that need to be resolved. Since the energy of the day is complex, dreams can also be not simple, but they should not be frightened, as well as attach importance to the images that appeared on that day in a dream. Just analyze the dream, and either extract useful information, or drop and forget the dream with the words: ‘Wherever night, there and sleep’. Good dreams can even come true.

September 29, 2017

10th lunar day Growing moon
Begins at 15:38 The moon in Capricorn

The meaning of dreams on the 10th lunar day

The tenth lunar day is known to be related to the family and family, and sleep also reflects this principle. Therefore, in a dream, you can see relatives or spouses (spouses), children, and even grandparents of all sorts, including spiritual ones. If you have strong families in the dream, or the Guardian Spirit of the family, be attentive to what you are told, or what is happening, because through this you can come to some understanding, an opening, maybe you will be given some kind of Support of the clan or knowledge of the gens will be transferred if you are ready. Also, dreams on these lunar days can be quite light, bright and fabulous, but they, as a rule, do not matter. Disturbing dreams must be realized and either release them at night or work with them so that they do not overtake you in life. If you want to take advantage of the moment and work with your family or family, before you go to bed, tune into it, and as soon as you wake up, write down everything.

30 September 2017

11th lunar day Growing moon
Begins at 16:15 The moon in Aquarius

The meaning of dreams on the 11th lunar day

The dreams of these lunar days, as a rule, show how harmoniously we move in the material and spiritual world. The images that you are, clearly express your position at this point in time. If the dream is good and you play a positive role, then your development is moving in the right direction. If you act in a role where you are in trouble, or you yourself are causing them, then in life somewhere you are doing wrong, or your spiritual world is in desolation. Good dreams of these lunar days fortunately. They can carry useful information, be prophetic, and, as a rule, are executed. Sometimes they say that the dream that you dreamed this night can be fulfilled in 3 days. Sometimes at this time you can not see dreams, then life gives you the opportunity to just relax, because by themselves, day is not the easiest and most energetic.

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