The lunar calendar of meditations for September, 2020
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The lunar calendar of meditations for September, 2020

The lunar calendar of meditations for September, 2020

September 1, 2020

14 lunar day
Symbol: Pipes

Meditation: sound, mantra.

Reflect over sounds of “OM” and “AUM”. Try to sing it independently. This day favors to the beginning of a cycle of mantras and 40-day practice. In the 14th lunar day, the Moon receives the maximum force, women can perform procedures of rejuvenation. During the 14th lunar day chakra of Manipur is active

September 2, 2020

15 lunar day
Symbol: Fiery dragon

Meditation: Silence, emptiness, reconciliation.

The moon at the maximum power. The best meditation for this day — silence. Therefore early in the morning or to sit in a convenient pose in the evening and to begin to hear silence of your mind. Try to feel that your thoughts cease to disturb you. Your thoughts are similar to the clouds flying in the sky, and your mind is similar to the clear sky.

Try to keep this balanced feeling as long as possible, don’t strain the body. This day procedures of rejuvenation are favorable. Ideal places for this purpose are natural water where you can float on a lunar glade.

During the 15th lunar day Anakhat’s chakra is active

September 3, 2020

16 lunar day
Symbol: Butterfly

Meditation: White color, image of a butterfly.

The moon still is in the powerful state, its maximum proximity to Earth. Thus, you can also float on a moonlight. You can meditate in the space filled with a moonlight.

Lay down, relax and begin to visualize: present yourself on the beach, hear inflow sounds, present a star arch, the huge Moon which lights everything around. You see that on water the moonlight, lunar Galo, covering all visible part of the sky flickers. You feel harmony, slackness, thoughts. Soon you will feel that sunlight touches your body and gets in him.

Energy of the Sun will be transformed and cooled with reflection from the Moon. You are filled from this stream more and more and you become this Light. You breathe this light and you feel how it calms all cells of your body as he will calibrate all your internal streams. Continue to accept him, you won’t feel rather well yet.

When finish meditation, thank the Moon and the reflected sunlight.

This day procedures of rejuvenation are favorable. During the 16th lunar day chakra of Manipur is active

September 4, 2020

17 lunar day
Symbol: Shakti (power, force)

Meditation: Dance, pleasure, practician Dao and Tantra.

Wakening, you can be engaged in laughter meditation. Without opening eyes begin to laugh. It can be difficult for the first time, and can be unnatural, but it will become usual soon. Having taken the joy of laughter, begin new day and you share the smile with the world. This day is favorable for a female power revelation and consolidation. It is recommended to dance.
During the 17th lunar day chakra Chara is active

September 5, 2020

18 lunar day
Symbol: Mirror

Meditation: Theater, mirror.

Whole world theater, and all men and women just actors: they have exits. And one person plays many performances in due time. Shakespeare’s quote — the best characteristic of meditation this day.

Be attentive and informed on people with whom you communicate — they reflect you. Remain alone in the evening and try to analyze the feelings, behavior models, separate positive emotions from a negative, make notes.

Then begin meditation. Present that sunrise slowly comes to the horizon, smile to newborn sunshine. They touch your body, filling it with joy. Look at yourself before yourself, support him energy of the Sun, be filled with sunlight.

It is your ideal image. Direct this light to yourself, having filled the aura and all cells of your body. Merge with truly yourself. Remain in this state, you don’t realize yet that all your bodies from physical to intellectual are filled and merged in uniform light structure.

During the 18th lunar day Chadkhishtkhan’s chakra is active

September 6, 2020

19 lunar day
Symbol: Spider

Meditation: Fire, falls, clear water.

This day is favorable for procedures of cleaning. It is better to begin with cleaning of inhabited space. Use aromatic sticks, an aromatic lamp, candles, an incense. Then execute cleaning of aura, take a shower or a salt bath, using the following statement: “Water cleans my physical, power, astral and intellectual bodies, all dirt is washed and turns into net energy which is necessary for my harmonious life”.

Later pass to internal meditation which will help you to clean Sense and Sensibility. Choose any practice suitable you.

September 7, 2020

20 lunar day
Symbol: Eagle

Meditation: Sky, nature.

Meeting with the internal teacher.

Relax, moving up, since legs. At first relax the right leg from fingers to a hip, then the left leg, a hip, a waist, a breast, a back, the right hand, the left hand, shoulders, a neck, the person, the head.

When your body is completely relaxed, present the clear sky. It invites you, and you are going to go to uncertainty. You begin to rise up and up, enjoying flight. You see the earth. Trees, mountains, rivers, sea and oceans below. You see the mountain, and you are going to land there. The place where you land — your place of force.

Looking inside is deeper and deeper, you will meet the Internal Teacher. You can ask him several questions. Communicate with him, allow him to give necessary knowledge. When the contact with your Internal Teacher is finished, move back to the body, having gained knowledge.

During the 20th lunar day it is active Anakhat’s tub

September 8, 2020

21 lunar days
Symbol: Herd of horses

Meditation: Practice of breath, work with a body.

In the evening, before going to bed, make meditation to meet the Internal Teacher (see the description of this practice during the 20th lunar day).

Within 21 lunar day Sakhasrar’s chakra is active

September 9, 2020

21 lunar days
Symbol: Herd of horses

Meditation: Practice of breath, work with a body.

In the evening, before going to bed, make meditation to meet the Internal Teacher (see the description of this practice during the 20th lunar day).

Within 21 lunar day Sakhasrar’s chakra is active

September 10, 2020

22 lunar day
Symbol: Ganesh (wisdom, wellbeing)

Meditation: Books, noise on the street, concentration.

This day is suitable for concentration. You can focus on training which is interesting to you. If you have problems with understanding something — try to focus on this bottom. You can also improve the ability to concentrate.

September 11, 2020

23 lunar day
Symbol: Crocodile

Meditation: Fortress, cleaning of house space.

For those who practice martial arts or mountaineering it is favorable day for achievement of new levels. Perform any procedure of cleaning which you prefer. Use aromatic sticks or an aromatic lamp.

You can also bless the room with water and light candles. Visualize cleaning process. You sit in a convenient pose and represent how the Sun fills your room with the clean beams which clean it.

During the 23rd lunar day Muladkhar’s chakra is active

September 12, 2020

24 lunar day
Symbol: Bear

Meditation: Big buildings, nature.

Go outside, walk. Try to recover the main intelligence of the nature in yourself. Narrate a resonance with species of flowers, sounds of birds, feeling of wind. Listen to yourself, these feelings will wake something in you and will help to bring our life into more natural rhythm.

September 13, 2020

25 lunar day
Symbol: Turtle

Meditation: Understanding of your mission.

Today in a dream, you can talk to the defender and ask the highest forces to define your mission in this life.

September 14, 2020

26 lunar day
Symbol: Toad and swamp

Meditation: Silence, observation.

Take place this day in silence and a privacy. You can also practice observation of breath.

Focus on a tip of a nose and begin to control the breath within 30 minutes or 1 hour. Try to contact internal yourself.

During the 26th lunar day Kundalini’s chakra is active

September 15, 2020

27 lunar day
Symbol: Trident

Meditation: Secret knowledge, sacred music.

Try to listen to quiet music, use an incense and candles, allow vibration of singing to clean your room and internal space.

You can sing favourite mantras.

Important feature of this day is opening of communication channels which can provide understanding of important questions. Energy of this day is able to allow you to understand problems, to see the truth, people or exits from unpleasant situations.

During the 27th lunar day Muladkhar and Vishudkh’s chakras are active

September 16, 2020

28 lunar day
Symbol: Lotus

Meditation: Ideals, candle.

It is favorable day for work with chakras, today they are open.

The 28th lunar day is also favorable for work with dreams. During a dream of people can receive light and understand the life purpose. This process happens each lunar month, irrespective of our understanding.

To work with dreams, we have to realize that dreams us. But actually we can’t consciously act in a dream. When we try to make something — the dream stops, and we waken.

To be to realize itself while you sleep, at first try to see the hands. Also look at the hands before going to bed, close eyes and fall asleep.

During the 28th lunar day Muladkhara is active

September 17, 2020

29 lunar day
Symbol: Octopus

Meditation: House cleaning, transformation of negative thoughts.

If the Moon is not in water zodiac sign, it is recommended to make a cold bathtub for legs. You keep legs in cold water no more than 10 minutes. Water will clean you from all negative energy. Further maintain comfortable water temperature. All negative will wash off.

If you feel bad this day, light a candle in the left hand. This day it is recommended to clean the room, using aromatic sticks or a juniper. Smoke banishes the evil.

During the 29th lunar day Muladkhar’s chakra is active

September 18, 2020

2 lunar day
Symbol: Horn of plenty

Meditation: Meditation about what is favorable for you now and that isn’t present.

You can continue planning of the forthcoming lunar month in the second lunar day. The power center connected by this day is near by.

During the day concentrate the attention on this moment, at least for one minute. Find the quiet and quiet place, create the comfortable atmosphere. Sit down in a convenient pose, focus on the breath, weaken the mind and a body.

Place hands on a stomach and concentrate attention. Try to cause images of that of what you want now.

After meditation generalize information and understand that you would like to change within the forthcoming lunar month.

September 19, 2020

3 lunar day
Symbol: Leopard

Meditation: Weapon.

Energy of this day helps you to realize tension in your body. It is day of clarification of an astral body. This day the relaxation is favorable.

Prepare for meditation, lay down. Begin to focus on the breath, move attention to the right leg. Slowly move the attention up a leg. If you feel any tension, try to understand what emotion “lives” there, you breathe through this place and relax him.

Then continue to practice in the same way with the right hand, the left hand, a waist, a back, a stomach, a breast, the head and generally with the person.

Try to relax all body, enjoy his ease, free from any tension.

During the third lunar day Vishudkh’s chakra is active.

September 20, 2020

4 lunar day
Symbol: Tree of knowledge

Meditation: This day is favorable for interaction of sounds and the nature.

You can sing mantras for all three ph. mental, astral and physical. But be careful with words which you tell.

Go outside. Walking, for some time try to feel any vital form: plants, birds, animals, fresh air, beauty of the sky and clouds. If it is possible, sit down at a fire and try to feel his force. Be adjusted on the nature, inhaling her beauty, freshness and energy.

Record this association by a prayer, a mantra or the song.

During the 4th lunar day Vishudkh’s chakra is active

September 21, 2020

5 lunar day
Symbol: Unicorn

Meditation: Food, plans for the future and work with the past.

Be extremely attentive at food, chew slowly and carefully. Choosing that is, feel the emotions connected with a certain food and what part of your body reflects these feelings.

Don’t report.

During the 5th lunar day Adzhn’s chakra is active

September 22, 2020

6 lunar day
Symbol: Crane

Meditation: Breathing exercises, sound therapy.

This day you can easily find signs which influence life. Therefore pay more attention to wind sounds, rustle of leaves, singing of birds, enjoy harmony of the nature. Inhale a smell of a flower or freshness of winter morning. Find a source of natural harmony, feel this energy.

During the 6th lunar day the center of emotions is active (between a throat and a breast)

September 23, 2020

7 lunar day
Symbol: Wind rose

Meditation: Breath, work with words.

It is better to say less today, you tell only important things. Be careful with the choice of words and intonation with which you speak.

For effective work with a mantra, choose the correct place and time. In the quiet and quiet place, close eyes and gradually slow down breath. When your breath becomes deeper, the body relaxes, and the mind was cleaned. Present yourself in the space flying without borders in emptiness, your body thaws.

When you reach ease, feel Eternal Lyubov and begin to tell positive statements. For example: I am healthy, rich and happy. All love me, and I love all. I can achieve a goal. To double effect, all mantras, prayers or affirmation have to be said aloud.

Mantras of prosperity are favorable this day (for example, a mantra the devoted Lakshmi). In the seventh lunar day Vishudkh’s chakra is active

September 24, 2020

8 lunar day
Symbol: Phoenix

Meditation: Fire, chemical reaction.

If it is possible, sit at a fire in the evening. Prepare for full interaction with fire, beholding tongues of flame and going down to his power field. Close eyes and present yourself in the center of fire.

Feel how he burns all your negative emotions and cleans your power channels. When you feel that it is enough, present that you leave fire and you deeply breathe clean fresh air, channels are filled with new net energy, your aura light and transparent.

Understand that your aura and a body experience new chemical reactions which update your life. You thank fire for your clarification. If it is impossible to light a fire praktikuyy the same meditation with a candle. Cleaning of the house with fire Clean the house, using a candle, having passed clockwise three times. Sing a prayer or a mantra. After cleaning you can use pleasant aromas to execute new space. During the 8th lunar day Muladkhar’s chakra works

September 25, 2020

9 lunar day
Symbol: Baht (soul)

Meditation: This world, intellectual clarification, forgiveness, formation of astral defense.

As the 9th lunar day is one of difficult, avoid meditation and practice of visualization. Try not to give in to any provocations.

Training: control for this world. During morning meditation imagine this world and observe it for some time. When you calm down, you can open eyes and perform the usual operations. Where you were this day, use free time to visualize this world and to concentrate on its silence. Clean up the house with hand bells or singing in the evening.

During the 9th lunar day Anakhat’s chakra and a breast are active. If you have decided not to meditate this day, use above-mentioned practicians in other suitable days.

September 26, 2020

10 lunar day
Symbol: Fountain

Meditation: Family tree.

This day is favorable for work on the family line.

You can have supper with the relatives or during meditation to address the ancestor of your family line. In each family line there are ancestors who help and protect you. You can address them for support in difficult situations. You can also ask them wisdom.

Training: receiving the help from ancestors

Be prepared for meditation. Calm down, present that your family line stands behind you (at first you are parents, and then back in the past). Right at the beginning you can see strong and powerful people, address them, welcome them and wait for the actions, they smile to you, sending a stream of love, the world and joy, wisdom and wellbeing. You can see how this stream of energy passes through all members of your family and reaches you and your family. You feel force of this energy and you store her. You are under their protection. Send this energy to all living family members, fill them with it. Look at the dead and be filled with their wisdom. Look how all negative energy thaw and don’t influence you and your family. Look how this pure light of your ancestors emphasizes your future, feel confident also protection. Record the reached state, and then slowly open eyes.

During the 10th lunar day Chadkhishtkhan’s chakra is active

September 27, 2020

11 lunar day
Symbol: Kundalini

Meditation: Fire, internal processes of an organism.

It is good day for an ascesis and loneliness. Try to devote this day of meditation, a post, intellectual cleaning. If you can’t be lonely, you remember that all started processes have to be complete. If you fast, don’t stop a post prematurely. Perform all begun procedures of cleaning. It is good to meditate and work with the chakras lifting kundalin. Internal fire and the hidden energy waken. It is day of Ekadasha.

During the 11th lunar day the backbone basis is active

September 28, 2020

11 lunar day
Character: Kundalini

Meditation: Fire, internal processes of an organism.

It is good day for an ascesis and loneliness. Try to devote this day of meditation, a post, mental cleaning. If you cannot be lonely, you remember that all launched processes shall be complete. If you fast, do not stop a post prematurely. Perform all begun procedures of cleaning. It is good to meditate and work with the chakras lifting kundalin. Internal fire and the hidden energy waken. It is day of Ekadasha.

During the 11th lunar day the backbone base is active

September 29, 2020

12 lunar day
Character: Heart

Meditation: Water, heart.

Try to stay near water (the river, the sea, the lake or the fountain). If water is quiet, provide as your emotions calm down, merge with this tranquility, provide yourself water. When there is a ripple, and then melts as your emotions thaw too, and you are filled with tranquility. Accept wisdom which water brings you today. If you are near the river, you will hear responses from flowing water and release all concern.

Relax, provide yourself on the beach, listening to sea sounds. The sea calms you. Water carries away all troubles, grief and concern. You deeply plunge into the entity, and you receive tranquility, harmony. Sunlight feeds your body, you begin to shine and be filled with happiness. Retaining this feeling, slowly wake up, open eyes and stretch. It is also useful to make meditation for heart. Heart is not only center of love, feeling, but also has curative properties. During the 12th lunar day Anakhat’s chakra and heart is active

September 30, 2020

13 lunar day
Character: Wheel

Meditation: Wheel.

Day of up-dating of energy and cleaning from old mental units. You can note that some situations repeat in your life. To change this situation and to prolong life, you can launch “A restoration wheel” this day. During the 13th lunar day chakra Chara is active

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