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The magic number of your birth

The magic number of your birth

Date of birth and weddings, passport number, home, car, telephone … Numbers surround us everywhere. And that’s fine, because they allow you to predict the course of events and prevent possible losses.

Start your way into the amazing science of numerology with the definition of the magic number of your birth. Knowing it, it’s easier to find your place in life, to avoid mistakes related to misunderstanding of yourself and the world around you.
How to calculate the number of your birth

Let’s say you were born on July 10, 1977 (July 10, 1977). We add the day, month and year numbers. In this case it is: 1 + 0 + 0 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 7 = 32. Now we give the sum to the single digit, adding the constituent numbers: 3 + 2 = 5. This is the number of your birth that affects your entire life. It remains only to read the numerological description of the number 5 given below, and draw the right conclusions. Of course, not all people-the “five” are the same or have a similar fate. Just the number of birth reflects the natural, basic personality traits that set the direction of a person’s life.

Number of births 1. Natural leaders, ambitious and extraordinary. They like to be in the spotlight. They appreciate friendship, have a great sense of humor. Are inclined to mental work, therefore from “units” good heads turn out. Advice: do not oppose your interests to the interests of other people, do not be selfish. Otherwise, you will lose friends, and without them you will not be successful.

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Number of birth 2. Conflict, reliable friends and partners. Optimistic, able to find advantages in any situation. Always tidy, they love order in everything, because of what sometimes they are known as boring. Often not sure of themselves. Advice: do not try to reconcile and teach the lives of everyone and everything, deal with your own problems. Do not neglect third-party help – this will give you “sustainability”.

Number of birth 3. Creative, sociable people, self-expression is very important for them. Sometimes they do not take life seriously, not caring about the future, but with the help of assistants they succeed. Many have developed intuition. Advice: do not seek an easy life – you have much more potential. Learn to make plans, and then you yourself will go to a new, more promising level.

Number of births 4. True toilers: disciplined, persistent, honest. Careful, do not like risk. Not ambitious, ready to be content with small, even if you have to save every penny. Tip: never stop there, your knowledge and experience allow you to grow constantly – both professionally, and materially, and spiritually.

The number of birth 5. Impatient and changeable nature. They do not think of life without new acquaintances, events, activities. Easy to climb, without regret to part with the past. Like travel, like a sponge, absorb new knowledge. Not bad at people. Tip: you often make hasty decisions without seeing real prospects. To realize and appreciate the present, you need to pause from time to time.

Number of births 6. True friends and spouses. For them, the main thing in life is a family, they are ready to forgive their relatives a lot. Cheerful, conscientious, with a demonstratively optimistic outlook on life. In return from others expect respect and recognition. Advice: your weak point is self-righteousness and self-admiration. It’s these features that push the right people away from you, although you are struggling to “be good”.

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Number of births 7. People-the “seven” in everything are looking for a secret meaning. They are very contradictory: they have a philosophical outlook on life and a rich imagination. They have a developed intuition and at the same time an analytical mind. Tip: the desire for solitude prevents you from interacting with the world, drawing inspiration. Do not close it – and achieve a lot in the chosen direction.

Number of births 8. Strong, strong-willed natures with the features of a leader. In general, they are peaceful, but if necessary they achieve their goals, sweeping away barriers and sparing neither themselves nor others. If they are busy with their favorite business, they forget about everything, even about their personal lives. Tip: because of a deep immersion in the work, you lose control over the situation as a whole and do not notice favorable prospects. Learn to analyze the problem from all sides.

The number of birth 9. People with such a birth date constantly want to protect someone, support, help. For them, this is the meaning of life. The surrounding people use it: they ask, they ask and they ask again. The result is deplorable: the “nine” break under the yoke of other people’s problems. Tip: all the suffering people still will not help. Leave your strength to your own spiritual development: your vocation is creativity in all its manifestations.

Category: Numerology

The magic number of your birth

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