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The meaning of Ella’s name

The meaning of Ella’s name

Brief form of the name Ella. Ellynka, Ellochka, Ela, Elia, Ellochka, Elia, Ela, Elyusha, Lyolya, Lena, Lesya, Lyoka, Laura, Nora.

Synonyms for Ella. Elly, Eleanor, Elvira, Ellen, Isabella, Elinor, Elenor, Leonor, Linora, Lenora, Alienor, Elina, Ela.

The origin of the name Ella. Ella’s name is German, Jewish, English, Catholic, Greek. Ella’s name has several versions of the origin. According to one version, the name Ella from the Greek translates as “dawn”, “light.” Ella’s name is widespread in many English-speaking countries (England, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and others). According to the second version, the name Ella has Norman roots and is an abbreviated version of the German name Alia, which is part of some German names, meaning “the other.” Also there is a translation from German – “all”, “completely”. According to the third version, the name Ella in Hebrew means “goddess” (Ela), therefore this name is not used among believing Jews. But also this name has another translation of “pistachio tree”, which gives, though not great, but, nevertheless, the opportunity to give this name to girls in the families of Jews.

Ella is also a short form of the name of Eleanor, meaning either from the Hebrew “God is light” or from the Greek “eleos” – “mercy”, and also the names Ellen (Elena), Elina, Eliana, Elvira and Isabella. In the West, the name of Ella was called Grand Duchess Elizabeth Fedorovna. The name Ella can also be a gentle appeal to the owners and other names – Gabriella, Eleanor, Elfried. The diminutive appeals of Lesya, Laura, Nora and El are also independent names. For Ella’s name, Eleonora’s birthday will be indicated.

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Since childhood, his little Ella parents are surrounded by increased attention and care. The child becomes spoiled, capricious and willful. The girl really likes to spend time with her father. At the age of five, Ella exhibits such character traits as calm and discretion. She is always surrounded by friends. She likes to perform at the holidays in the kindergarten, always striving to get the main roles. “Winter” Ella in character is more like a mother. She strives to be closer to her father. The girl likes to watch serious films. She is very inquisitive. All the time she asks a lot of questions, than often take the mother out of herself.

Ella’s name

Ella likes to be surrounded by boys. She has even more friends than her friends. She is cheerful, brisk and friendly. Can do things without thinking about the consequences, so Ella can not always be relied on. Studying at school does not cause trouble for the girl. She has excellent grades in almost all subjects. She is particularly interested in the humanities. At the same time it has clearly expressed abilities for exact sciences. She does not like to help her with household chores. The choice of the educational institution and the future profession turns for her into a long process. To find an application for her abilities, she finds work immediately after graduation.

Ella is responsible, easily copes with the duties imposed on her. Ella is not a workaholic, but is able to overcome laziness. A woman likes to spend time, plunging into dreams. She devotes much time to friends and acquaintances. After graduating from the institute, Ella can be disappointed in the chosen profession and start looking for a job in another field of activity. The possessor of this name quickly finds contact with people, loves communication. Pastime in noisy companies and at parties delivers Ella pleasure. She often visits. Ella’s kindness and sympathy is liked by others. At the same time, this woman is forgetful and frivolous. She may not keep her promise or forget about an important meeting.

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Ella is a versatile personality. She read a lot. He is fond of mythology and philosophy, he knows a lot about painting. Often happens at exhibitions, visits museums. Home affairs are of little interest to her. She practically does not know how to cook. In the parents’ house, everything is done by the mother and father. After marriage, Ella reluctantly assumes responsibilities for the house.


Family life for a woman with that name is often not very successful. Ella has been growing up for a long time. She is not in a hurry to create a family. Ella is a pretty woman and attracts the attention of men. In her early youth, with all the fans, she does not cross the line of friendly relations. Later, she begins to treat the relationship as a game. From this woman is a beautiful wife.

She loves her husband and children, cares for them, always pays attention to them. “Summer” Ella is a strong personality. She enthusiastically goes to the goal, she is a real careerist. He strives to achieve a lot in life and applies every effort to this. She overcomes obstacles and moves to success. She is conservative in her views. “Autumn” Ella is peculiarly compliant. She seldom expresses her opinion. Has a calm and gentle character. She makes friends with everyone. Often goes on about. Honesty Ella does not allow her to commit meanness against another person. There are always a lot of men around her. She marries more than once.

Ella celebrates the name day on May 27.

The meaning of Ella’s name

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