The meaning of Michael’s name
51384 The meaning of Michael's name

The meaning of Michael’s name

The meaning of Michael’s name

Brief form of the name Michael. Mike, Mikey, Mika, Mick, Mickey, Kel, Mikeli.

Synonyms of the name Michael. Michelle, Michael, Miguel, Miguel, Michele, Mihai, Mihailo, Michal, Mikael, Mikail.

The origin of the name is Michael. Michael is English, Catholic. The name Michael is the English version of the name Michael. The name Michael has various analogues throughout the world. So the boy in England will be called Michael, in France – Michelle, in Germany – Michael, in Spain – Miguel, in Portugal – Miguel, in Italy – Michele, in Romania, Hungary – Mihai, in Ukraine – Mihailo, Poland, Czechia – Michal, in Denmark, Norway – Michael. The diminutive appeal to Michael – Mika (Mickey, Mickey) – is both an independent name, and a brief form for some female names (for example, to Lyudmila, Dominica, Monica).

Among the Catholics, Archangel Michael is considered the patron of such countries as Germany and England, and cities (London, Brussels), Cornwall county, Italy – Umbria. In the Catholic tradition, police, special services, gunsmiths, roentgenologists, fencers, paratroopers, grocers and ambulance doctors consider him to be an intercessor. This character of the New Testament, the winner of Satan, is considered the patron of the German state. According to the beliefs of this people, it appears mainly on mountain peaks, that is, in those places where the supreme god of the Germans Odin (Wotan) lived during paganism. The image of Archangel Michael is present on the battle banners of the Germans, since the IX century.

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Michael’s name

In German art there is a tendency to draw a parallel between the archangel and the legendary national hero Siegfried, who defeated the dragon worm. The feast of St. Michael in the Catholic Church is celebrated on September 29. In the Middle Ages, this holiday was considered compulsory, but from the XVIII century lost the status of celebration. Special places of pilgrimage are the early medieval monastery-fortress of St. Michael on a high island off the coast of Normandy (Mont-Saint-Michel) and the cave church on the peninsula of Monte Gargano (Puglia region in Italy).

In Islam, the archangel Michael is called Mikail. First and foremost, he is known as an angel of mercy, and as an angel capable of controlling rain (clouds) and wind. Mikail is one of the four angels of the highest category (Makribun) in Islam. It is Mikael who fulfills the prophetic missions. For the name of Michael Catholic names will be indicated. Orthodox name-days – see the name of Michael.

Michael celebrates his name day on January 27, February 6, February 9, April 10, May 8, May 23, May 25, September 1, September 29, November 23.

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