The meaning of the name Adam
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The meaning of the name Adam

The meaning of the name Adam

Short form of the name Adam. Adama, Adya, Ada, Adasha, Ed, Eddi, Adamas, Adash, Adamus, Adas, Adaska, Adamka, Dameika, Adamchyk, Adams, Adzik, Aduk, Dame, Adi.

Synonyms of the name Adam. Edam, Adan, Adamo, Adem, Adem.

The origin of the name Adam. The name Adam is Jewish, Orthodox, Catholic, Jewish.

The name Adam is a Hebrew name, literally means “created from red clay”, later this name became a household name and began to mean “man.” It was this name that was borne by the very first man, created by God from clay.

In Islam, Adam is revered as the father of all mankind and the first prophet of Allah, in Tanakh – the ancestor of mankind. According to the ideas of Kabbalah, Adam Rishon is a common, cumulative creation created by the Creator and is the prototype of man in the material world. Adam is not a god or a demigod, a hero (as in ancient mythology). Adam was created “in the image” of God and is called “the son of God”, therefore typologically compared with Christ.

In the Orthodox and Catholic traditions, Adam the First-Man is revered on a par with the saints as the ancestor of mankind. Also, the Catholics, Adam is the patron saint of gardeners and truck farmers and tailors. Orthodox Christians remember January 27. There are variants of the name – Edam, Adem, Adan, as well as variations of the translation – “earthy”, “red”. In Adam’s name, stress can be put on both the first and the last syllable.

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In childhood, Adam is very morally wounded, stubborn, very emotional, sometimes unbalanced. Outwardly, the boy is not like his parents. The boy is always surrounded by a large number of friends. He loves to play sports. Especially from the “winter” Adam can grow a good athlete. Growing up, he becomes more calm. As a specialty, a man most often chooses such professions as a veterinarian, a sports coach, a programmer, an artist, a writer. The family life of men with the name Adam is not always successful. They can not find mutual understanding with their mother and wife. At the same time, Adam turns out to be a beautiful, caring father. He treats animals very well, loves outdoor recreation.

In his youth, Adam often takes a great interest in women and for a long time decides to tie his life by marriage. In relation to his wife, Adam is very jealous, does not give the opportunity to lead himself. Adam is stubborn and patient. He often helps his wife in the household. In the “winter” Adam often reveals the talents of the artist or musician. Success in life they achieve through decisive action. “Autumn” Adam is cautious with conclusions, yielding, but at the same time prudent. Career for him is not important in life. To the choice of work, he comes very deliberately and circumspectly.

Namedays Adam Adam celebrates his name day on January 27, May 16, June 3, September 8, December 24.

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