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The meaning of the name Angel

The meaning of the name Angel

Brief form of the name Angel. Angie, Anguilla, Gulya, Angelito, Helo, Angelino, Gela, Lino, Linuccio, Lallo, Lillo, Lillino, Gino, Zhelu, Aze, Anelek, Andy, Adelik, Angelko, Acho, Ango, Andjo.

Synonyms for the name Angel. Angel, Angel, Angel, Angelo, Angelos, Angelus, Ange, Andrzej, Angers, Angelo, Angel.

The origin of the name is Angel. The name is Orthodox, Catholic, Greek. The name Angel is formed from the late Latin male name Angelus, which literally means “angel” and comes from the Greek “angelos” – “messenger, angel”. Also there is a translation option – “messenger of joy.” In Orthodox saints there are only male forms of this name – Angeli and Angelis, and in Catholic there is also a female form of this name – Angela. In the Russian-speaking countries, the female names Angela or Angela, borrowed from the Italian language, are more common.

There is also a female name Angel, Angela. The child grows mobile. Angel strives to be friends and communicate with everyone, always in a good mood, likes to get acquainted. With adults, he talks about the meaning of life, what causes them tenderness. He is able to ask forgiveness and admit his mistakes. Its main features are honesty and justice. With age, the character of the Angel does not change much. He always defends justice. He is successful at the opposite sex. This is facilitated by his ability to beautifully take care of a woman.


The owner of the name Angel is an interesting person, a passionate lover and an attentive admirer. His temperament gives him the opportunity to meet with several women at once. Angel is very cautious about the choice of a spouse. Officially, the ties of marriage bind themselves quite late. The Angel always makes his woman happy, therefore his marriage is successful. Angel easily makes a career, he is an expert in his professional field.

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His devotion to ideas, competence on all professional issues and authority among colleagues helps the Angel to take up the post of the head rather quickly. Free time Angel likes to spend with his family in nature. To work in the garden, he does not have the patience, he likes to rest in the forest, collecting mushrooms, or fishing on the pond. Angel is not looking for fleeting connections on the side. His occasional adventures, he rarely discusses even with close friends, does not like to be discussed.

Men with this name, celebrating their birthday in the spring or summer, have different talents. Not each of them turns out to realize himself as a person. But Angels, born in winter or autumn, are able to fully realize their personal potential. They have a stubborn, strong and persistent character. Such owners of the name Angel find their place in society and achieve great success. A huge sense of purpose helps them achieve the desired result. At such times he pays all his time to work and is not able to devote enough time to his wife and children.

The angel celebrates his name day on January 15, February 6, April 12, May 5, August 13, September 14, October 10, November 10, December 16.

The meaning of the name Angel

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