The meaning of the name Anton
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The meaning of the name Anton

The meaning of the name Anton

Brief form of the name Anton. Anto, Antosha, Tony, Ante, Tosha, Antonka, Antony, Antosya, Tosya, Antya, Tonya, Anto, Antush, Antos, Titoan, Tonio, Nino, Tituan.

Synonyms of the name Anton. Antony, Antonin, Anthony, Antonius, Antoine, Antonio, Anthony, Antal.

Origin of the name Anton. The name Anton is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek. Anton’s name has different versions of the origin. According to the first version, the name Anton is a modified Russian form of the Greek name Anthony. The names Antony and Anton come from the Roman ancestral name Antoninus, derived from Antonius, worn by all the firstborn boys in this family. Antonin is also akin to Anton. The name Anton means “coming into battle,” “opposing,” “competing in power,” and is an epithet to the god Dionysus. According to the second version, the name Anton means “flower”, “color” means “anthos” in Greek.

The female names Antonina and Antonida are derived from the names Antony or Anton, mean “the daughter of Anthony”. Among the Christians, the Monk Anthony the Great, the founder of monasticism, who is regarded as the patron of monks, gravediggers and pets, is especially revered. Anton has a well-developed intuition since childhood. He grows easily excitable and active child. At the same time, the owner of this name has such quality as patience. To the decision of each question it necessarily approaches from its detailed studying.

For this person is absolutely not inherent in agreeing to questionable proposals and get involved in adventures. It is important for him that the situation is very clear. In some situations, it involves cowardice and lack of self-confidence. Despite this, there are times when he is ready for self-sacrifice. Anton is able to join the team, but at the same time rarely trusts anyone completely. He does not reveal his own essence, he behaves according to the situation. Often he lacks confidence in his own strengths.

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Anton is a good friend. The charm of Anton attracts other people to him. This person is able to arrange to himself. All these qualities develop in the owner of this name and help in the implementation of various goals. Anton’s life is a constant succession of take-offs, failures, compromises and again take-offs. Often, he closes in himself and refuses to share his experiences with anyone. Close people and relatives need to be able to understand this state of Anton. The developed intuition of this person prevents him from listening to the advice of others. He trusts only himself.

Anton is a thoughtful man. In addition, he has a wonderful memory. At times the owner of the name loses self-control, which is not usual for him. Anton does not tolerate moral pressure from other people. In personal relationships Anton is not so simple. In it often there is an uncertainty in own forces. This complex may adversely affect the owner of the name, scare her away. Because of the feeling of inferiority, Anton can become aggressive. At such times he loses his mind and becomes impulsive. At the same time, this person does not leave sentimentality.

Anton has extremes. He easily rebuilds from a state of bashfulness to freedom. Well-being, confidence and calm Anton reaches only to 40 years. Most often the circumstances are such that in wives this man chooses a woman born in the summer months. Anton’s wonderful family will turn out with Irina, Valery, Marina or Ekaterina. The best way to realize their talents and skills in Anton will be in the field of medicine. In addition, he can become a good engineer.

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A man with that name is absolutely not afraid of work and takes almost any business. Often, he himself is not sure of the specifics of his goals, and therefore rarely rises up the career ladder.

Compatible with the name of Anastasia | Anna | Daria | Catherine | Irina | Maria | Olga | Tatyana | Yuliya

Anton celebrates his name day on January 18, January 30, March 9, March 13, March 14, March 16, April 21, April 27, May 1, May 2, May 26, June 1, July 7, July 19, July 23, July 25 , July 26, August 16, August 17, October 30, November 22, December 20.

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