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The meaning of the name Austin

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The meaning of the name Austin

Brief form of the name Austin. Stan, Tino.

Synonyms for Austin. Osten, Augustine, Augustin, Agustin, Agostino.

Origin of the name Austin. Austin is English, Catholic. The name Austin is a man’s name, more commonly used among the English-speaking population, this name is quite common in the US. It is a variant of the name Augustine, meaning “majestic”. It can also be pronounced like Osten. The names of Austin are identical to the Augustinian Catholic names.

Austin is incredibly cute, enthusiastic, warm, friendly and understanding young man, his personality combines a certain charm and new trends of modernity. He can often be superficial and too preoccupied with his own appearance, to which he takes great care, he is not devoid of vanity and narcissism. With his bright, penetrating and cunning mind, he values ​​humor and, as a rule, a person of joyful and optimistic nature. Easy in communication with the ladies, he can be very convincing.

Austin will not waste his time on long-term training anything, he will never choose hard work, for the sake of success. Persistence is not his main distinguishing feature, he is more inclined to an easy life, than to efforts. But overcoming all the vicissitudes of life he helps a considerable confidence in himself, he is often very pleased with his actions. If he is not able to succeed enough to satisfy his pride, he is able to become filled with a sense of self importance, in an attempt to impress others. Disappointment can push him to hide from everyone, however, he feels much better in the company, rather than being left alone with problems.

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name Austin

As a child, Austin’s parents would be advisable to follow such trends and stop them in the bud before things become problematic. It would be very useful to encourage his natural talents – singing, music and languages, and impose restrictions on certain communication, try to find a suitable environment for the boy. No doubt, Austin appreciates the easy life and pleasures of this world. Life is a game for him. Nevertheless, he is generous and wants people around him to be happy too. He thus strives to take an altruistic position. In his personal life, he is a generous, loving, sensual and seductive man. Alas, no one is perfect, and there are some of his weaknesses – fidelity is not an inseparable quality of this man.

Austin is a man of self-expression and communication. He will most likely make a career in public areas – an actor, a singer, a dancer or a presenter. And also he can find himself a calling in other professions, where communication is required (retail, various services, hairdressing salons, beauty salons, attorney).

Austin celebrates the name day on February 28, April 24, May 1, May 4, May 7, May 19, May 25, May 27, May 28, June 12, July 9, July 22, August 3, August 28, September 6, September 25 , September 28, October 16, October 25, November 24, December 19.