The meaning of the name Charlotte
51683 The meaning of the name Charlotte

The meaning of the name Charlotte

The meaning of the name Charlotte

Short form of the name Charlotte. Lotte, Lotte, Lot, Lottier, Charlie, Lottie, Totti.

Synonyms of the name Charlotte. Charlotte, Charlene, Charlene, Charlene, Carolina, Charlaine, Charlene, Charlize, Charlize.

The origin of the name is Charlotte. Charlotte’s name is German, English, Catholic. The name Charlotte is derived from the male name Charles, derived from the ancient German name Carl. Similarly, the name Carolina is a derived name on behalf of Carl. From the Old German language the word “karl” meant “man”, “free man”, “man”, later it became attributed to the meaning “king” in the name of Charlemagne.

In Russian, from the “carla” was formed the word “dwarf” in the meaning of “little man”, “little man”. The name Charlotte is translated as “free”. The name Charlotte in different countries is pronounced in different ways. In England, the girl will be called Charlotte or Charlene (Charlene) and Cheryl (formed from the English version of the name Charles – the male name Charles), in Holland and the Netherlands – Charlotte and Charlotte, in other European countries Charlotte will more often be called Carolina (Greece, Poland) , in Italy, Portugal, Spain the name will sound like Carla, Carlotta, Carola. Charlotte is convinced that she knows the surrounding people, and therefore does not doubt her leadership.

Charlotte directs all her energy to build and implement plans that, according to the girl, should bring her luck and happiness. Self-respect and self-realization Charlotte will help to achieve achievements in such aspects of life as work, life and material peace. However, for the girl there is a danger of getting stuck on material and everyday interests. Then Charlotte can completely lose interest in femininity, self-development, the desire to be in the family.

name Charlotte

All the thoughts of the girl will be occupied with how to keep a stable job and salary, how to rise higher on the career ladder and increase the level of their power at work. It is to achieve these goals that Charlotte will direct all her forces. In this case, a girl with this name is quick-witted and devoid of greed and envy. Charlotte – rather creative nature, not inclined to monotonous physical labor. As a future profession, Charlotte will suit the interior designer or landscape designer, fashion designer, sewing master, embroidery or knitting. Also, with success, a girl will be able to work as a deputy, secretary, manager, teacher of labor or a head of needlework courses. To achieve true mastery, Charlotte should begin to engage in creativity from childhood.

Great success in the skill of the girl will achieve, if she will teach others, leading lessons or courses in craft, or participate in various competitions. The girl named by this name is outwardly attractive and feminine. She is well versed in men, and prefers consistency and stability in relationships. Charlotte strives to achieve spiritual unity with the partner. It is this girl who appreciates above all, because, only having reached it, Charlotte will be able to fully reveal her temperament, get maximum satisfaction and realize her desire for a stable and strong family.

A family in which there is no spiritual understanding is not of great value to Charlotte, such relationships go to the distant future for her. The future husband of Charlotte should be a gentle, kind person who understands women. He will contribute to the family budget, but he will not try to put everything on himself.

Charlotte celebrates his name day on January 2, January 18.

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