The meaning of the name Diana

The meaning of the name Diana

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The meaning of the name Diana

Brief form of the name Diana. Dianka, Dina, Dia, Ana, Anya, Dean, Didi.

Synonyms of the name Diana. Diane, Dayana, Dian, Diana, Dianna, Diane, Dianne.

The origin of the name Diana. The name Diana is Catholic. The name Diana is the name of the Roman goddess of the moon and the hunting of Diana (in Greek mythology – Artemis). Translated from Latin means “divine.”

Diana’s name in different countries can be pronounced as Diane and Dayan. Dean’s diminutive and caressing treatment is also an independent name. And the appeal of Anya is a short form of many names, like women’s (Florian, Julian, Andron, Anisya, Anfim, Christina, Kirian, Lian, Vivian, Lilian, Rufinian, Felitsian, Anna, Susanna, Juliania and others) and men , Fabian, Christians). This is a very cheerful and energetic nature, which always needs to strive for the goal. Every task seems to her to be the most important in her life, and she throws all her strength into her decision. This is repeated every time, but Diana does not find the main and only goal.

For Diana there is no impossible, she always copes with everything, since she has endless energy, logic and analytical mind. But it often sprays its forces into constantly emerging new ideas. This is a very emotional and sensitive nature, her feelings are always deep. She needs to try to be more easy to communicate, because she is not good at hiding her strong feelings. When Diana tries to hide her feelings, they can become even stronger, which will be excruciating for her. She should exercise her restraint only at work, then she will succeed, and in the family life she will become a caring mother and affectionate wife.

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Diana is inclined to watch herself from outside and assess her actions and actions is not biased. This sometimes grows into self-admiration or, conversely, into excessive severity towards oneself. Diana regards the work as a duty and inevitability, therefore it does not rush to the movement through the career ladder. Nevertheless, she performs her duties accurately and professionally. She never hurries and does not miss anything, she shows firmness and perseverance in her work. Particularly suitable for her work in medical diagnostics.

Family life is necessary for her, for only in her can she find peace and harmony in her soul. If there is mutual understanding and tranquility in relations with the spouse, this gives Diana confidence in her abilities. The husband must take care of material well-being and help around the house. For Diana it is important to live with an intelligent person and a good lover who can support her in all ways and give wise advice. If Diana is happy in the family, then her talents and potential are fully revealed. In communicating with Diana, you never know exactly whether she is sincere or playing a role. It should be remembered that this is a very sensitive nature and well hides its feelings. Therefore, if Diana behaves calmly, this does not mean that she does not experience a storm of emotions.

Sound. Diana – a short name, all consonants in which sonorous. Beauty is the main characteristic that is given to it. In addition, majesty (92%), mysteriousness (90%) and strength (87%) of sounding of a name are often noted. Sometimes there is a certain femininity in it (77%). Close by the phonosemantic profile names – Valeria, Elizabeth and Victoria.

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Name Day of Diana. Diana celebrates her name day June 9, June 10.