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The meaning of the name Elizabeth

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The meaning of the name Elizabeth

A short form of the name Elizabeth. Lisa, Lizochka, Lizonka, Lizunya, Lizaveta, Elizavetka, Veta, Lilya, Betsy, Eliza, Ally, Alice, Bess, Lizzie, Lisette, Lizela, Lisel, Lisa, Liss, Ala, Beth.

Synonyms of the name of Elizabeth. Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Lizaveta, Lisaveta, Alisava, Olisavia, Elisab, Elizabeth, Elish, Elazag, Isabel, Isabel, Alzbet, Elzbieta, Elishka, Ilse, Elisheva.

The origin of the name Elizabeth. The name Elizabeth is Russian, Jewish, English, Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Elizabeth is of Hebrew origin and in translation literally means “My God is an oath,” “worshiping God,” “conjuring with God.” In Hebrew this name sounds like Elisheva. In Western Europe, there is also the name Isabella (Isabel, Isabel), which is a form of the medieval Provençal name Elizabeth (Isabeu). These names were considered royal and were distributed among the highest circles of society. Eliza, Liza, Louise, Veta are short forms of the name Elizabeth and its analogues in different languages. But recently these names have become independent and are also used as independent names.

Elizabeth’s name is widespread in the world, and in addition to European forms, which have become independent names, he also has Asian variants. So the name of Elsir is a Kirghiz name, which appeared on behalf of Elizabeth. Capricious and overbearing, categorical and narcissistic, Elizabeth often feels underappreciated, so she often enters into conflicts and commits insane acts. These are powerful women who dream of building a small kingdom around themselves.

Elizabeth is stubborn, jealous, boastful, constantly tormented by doubts, she always has a lot of problems and tries to communicate this to absolutely all close and friends. Nevertheless, with the people dear to Lisa, she shows herself as a kind and sympathetic woman. She is an introvert, closed and does not always say what she really thinks. Elizabeth can adapt to the surrounding people. She is curious and balanced, she always brings things to the victorious end, while in the first place for this woman will be her interests. She is very sensitive to her own failures. Lisa’s conflict has a negative impact on her relations with her colleagues.

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Elizabeth loves to weave intrigues and dissolve gossip, in communication with women prefers to be a leader. In general, professional activity for Lisa is not the most important sphere of life. Ideal professions for Elizabeth are radio and TV reporter, these women are always interested in the latest developments in the field of radio electronics. Nevertheless, secretly from all Lisa, they dream of being scouts or investigators. The most important thing in Elizabeth’s life is her family. Lisa is a wonderful landlady, thrifty and resourceful.

She perfectly prepares and often spoils her husband with various culinary delights. To visit the friends and relatives of her husband Elizabeth is calm, she also communicates peacefully with neighbors. In family relationships seeking peace and peace. The first years of the married life of Lisa can be characterized by tension in the relationship with the spouse, but later all problems disappear.

In her youth, Elizabeth has many admirers, she becomes happy, as a rule, only in her second marriage. Having met the beloved and becoming his wife, Lizaveta will be faithful to him even when he is widowed. Elizabeth loves to lure a shy man into his networks, who does not even guess where he got. She dreams of rushing into the arms of a loved one, but she hides her desire, which makes her look cold. Elizabeth is always looking for the best, including a partner. Externally, Lisa looks charming, but a cunning little coquette, she adores wearing brightly.

Elizabeth very easily converges with new people. In communicating with others, she shows herself capricious and narcissistic, only close friends know her as a kind and balanced woman. Elizabeth has a very developed intuition, which she successfully uses to select friends. Liza loves noisy companies and entertainment, however, choosing between friends and family, she always chooses a family.

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Sound. Elizabeth is a rather long name, consisting of five syllables. Majesty is the main characteristic that is distinguished from it. Almost always noted also beauty (91%), mystery (86%) and strength (84%) of sounding the name. Some hear in him and a certain femininity (82%). The names closest to the phonosemantic profile are Veronica, Diana and Catherine.

Name Day Elizabeth Elizabeth celebrates the name day January 4, March 7, May 7, June 18, June 20, July 4, July 18, September 5, September 12, September 18, October 21, October 31, November 4, November 5, November 14, November 17, November 20, November 25, December 31.

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