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The meaning of the name Emma

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The meaning of the name Emma

Brief form of the name Emma. Amy, Emachka, Emusya, Emka, Emita, Eminya.

Synonyms for Emma. Ema.

Origin of the name Emma. The name Emma is German, Jewish, Catholic. Emma’s name has different versions of the origin. According to the first of these, the name Emma is a German name, meaning “whole”, “universal”. It is possible that the name became independent much later, and initially it was a short form of ancient German names, starting with the element “ermen” (“all, universal”), and also addressing the name Amalia. In this case, the related names are the names Emilia, Emmy and Irma.

According to the second version, the name Emma is formed from the Jewish man’s name Emmanuel, in translation meaning “God is with us”. It is believed that Emma is a short form of the name Emmanuel. According to the third version, the name Emma has Latin roots, is translated as “precious”, “sincere”. The next version is the Arabic origin of the name Emma. Translated from Arabic means “true”, “calm”, “reliable”. Currently, the name is popular not only in the countries of the Old World – in England, Germany, Sweden, France, Norway and others, but also in New World countries – the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Emma’s name rose to the top of the ratings of women’s names, and in different countries takes different positions, often takes 1-2 positions, but generally does not leave the top five. A girl named Emma is always unhappy with herself, she does not like everything in herself, but she is very determined. Emma just adores self-interest, she will reproach herself for every blunder and failure. If there is any choice before her, be it serious things or a banal evening outfit, the girl can long hesitate in this or that variant, but if she already makes a decision, she will not change her choice in any case.

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Emma does not give in to persuasion, she does not take the criticism of her ideas – she will do as she planned. As a rule, the reason for Emma’s life difficulties is precisely her complex nature. She is independent, overly independent, emotional, irritable, does not know how to listen to good advice, but at the same time she is intelligent and has a living mind. The strictness and closeness that Emma inherent at first glance, in fact, is just protection from the outside world, since the girl has a heightened sensitivity to external influences.

In life, it is guided by reason, not emotion. Emma has an excellent artistic taste, which allows her to choose the profession of a designer or designer, art or artist. Emma can try herself and in other spheres of activity due to her discipline and tact, and the strong-willed character and favorable location of the surrounding people will help the girl to make a dizzying career and take leading positions. Even in her childhood, Emma has such features as independence and remarkable willpower, therefore she shows diligence and perseverance in her work, however, she approaches the solution of business issues deliberately and slowly.

In family life, Emma shows herself as a caring mother and a good housewife, she never gets tired of domestic chores. In the family of Emma, ​​the “first violin” is usually played by a husband, the life of this girl is tuned to those close to her, Emma lives by them and protects them from life’s misfortunes. The owner of this name can not stand games with feelings, in love she is very sincere. Emma is picky in choosing a partner. For Emma, ​​it is very important to find an outlet for internal tension, for example, with the help of humor.

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Laughter and smile will make Emma’s character softer, the relationship with colleagues and loved ones is warmer, and the mood is more joyful. It is worth noting that the owner of this name is very susceptible to depression due to increased emotionality and samoyedstva. In the relationship with Emma, ​​we should not take the girl’s external coldness as arrogance. Communication should be built not on emotions, but on reasonable arguments, then the relationship will be warm and friendly for a long time.

Emma celebrates her name day on March 26, June 4, June 27, June 29, July 23.