The meaning of the name Jacqueline
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The meaning of the name Jacqueline

The meaning of the name Jacqueline

Brief form of the name Jacqueline. Jacques, Yaki, Jay, Jackie, Jackie, Lin, Lina.

Synonyms of the name of Jacqueline. Jackie, Jacklin, Jacqueline, Akilin, Jacobin, Jacom, Jacob, Jacop, Jacobin, Jacquet, Jakub.

The origin of the name Jacqueline. The name Jacqueline is English, Catholic. The name Jacqueline is the female form of the male name Jacques, used in France. The name Jacques is a French version of the pronunciation of the name Jacob, which in different countries sounds differently.

In Russia, in addition to the biblical name, most often they use the name Jacob, Jacob – in Germany, Romania and Hungary, Giacomo and Jacobbe – in Italy, Jakub – in the Czech Republic and Poland, James and Jacob – in the UK and various other variants of the name. Depending on the country of use, there were variants of women’s names. So the names of Jacqueline, Jacob, Jacobin, Jacob, Jacquet are identical.

Jacqueline’s name means “one that supersedes”, “one that overtakes”, “one that follows one’s heels” or in a simpler version – “overtaking”, “pursuing”, “superseding” – all in one semantic meaning. Jacqueline’s name is quite popular in the Anglo- and French-speaking countries of Europe and the former colonies of these countries in the Americas. And Lin’s diminutive and caressing treatment is also an independent name. An exceptionally beautiful and peculiar woman, Jacqueline wants to be bright in everything. She is a supporter of big companies and outdoor activities.

Being a passionate fan of sports, Jacqueline, if she does not participate in the competitions herself, she will certainly be on the rostrum. Jacqueline – a strong personality, but it is much unsaid. The complex nature of this woman contains a mixture of spontaneity and reflection. It’s not always that Jacqueline’s actions correspond to her promises. Sometimes she comes into conflict with her own words, guided by inner impulses. The unpredictability of the action makes this woman a mystery to others. Sometimes it is very difficult to communicate with, it is so different from ordinary people.

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Jacqueline goes completely different roads, which may seem strange and unusual. In the depths of her soul, Jacqueline can feel inferior, and because of this, she will often remain silent, trying not to expose herself. At the same time, the woman does not hesitate to ask questions about what interests her. She is fond of mysticism, psychology or parapsychology. Jacqueline is sure that everything in this life is not as beautiful and simple as one might think, and that everything has its secret meaning. This view of life in many ways determines the difference between Jacqueline and other people.

Jacqueline has an analytical mindset, prone to attention to detail. A woman very quickly distinguishes a lie, in what her intuition and the abilities of a psychologist helps her. Spirituality and discernment have united in Jacqueline. To the issue of choosing a spouse, Jacqueline approaches with all seriousness. To the partner the girl is extraordinarily demanding, trying to find her ideal. Sometimes Jacqueline is mistaken, confusing a fleeting passion and a strong and deep love. In any case, the girl wants to be charming, is fully capable of taking the first step, but she is also able to break off the relationship without explaining the reasons. In the end, this is the attraction of this girl.

The process of choosing a spouse can be delayed, but the husband of Jacqueline will be a kind, reliable, and, most importantly, a successful person. Jacqueline herself will devote herself to home and children. This woman will never make her husband jealous. She will carefully take care of the children and maintain her house in perfect order. Guests in her house are always welcome. Moreover, Jacqueline is sociable and prefers to have a large circle of friends.

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Career with Jacqueline is not so easy and successful as a family life. To achieve something, a woman has to make a lot of efforts. Jacqueline is too soft and often can not defend her decision. As a result, it becomes a slave, and it is used by other people in its own interests. However, this does not prevent Jacqueline from being hardworking and ambitious. Perhaps she will not be able to achieve her goals on her own, but she will certainly do it with the help of a companion. His calling Jacqueline sees in the career of a psychologist or teacher. At the same time, it attracts professions associated with long-term business trips.

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