The meaning of the name Jonathan
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The meaning of the name Jonathan

The meaning of the name Jonathan

A short form of the name Jonathan. Joe, John, Johnny, Johnny, Jon, Nathan, Yoni, Yo, Yoyo, Jo, Jojo, Natas.

Synonyms of the name Jonathan. Jonathan, Yunatan, Jonathan.

The origin of the name is Jonathan. The name is Jonathan English. The name Jonathan is common in English-speaking countries, mostly in the UK. But its roots are Hebrew. There are several characters in the Bible that bear the name Jonathan or, alternatively, Jonathan.

In the Hebrew translation, the name sounds like “God granted.” The name Jonathan has several variants of writing in Latin: Jonathan, Jehonathan, Yonatan, Yehonatan. The name Jonathan has European counterparts. So in France, Jonathan will be called Jonathan, in Germany, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands – Jonathan, Sweden and Norway – Jonathan, in Spain – Jonathan. The diminutive appeal of Joe is also used for many other male names (Joseph, George, Jocelyn, Giovanni, Joel). Appeal John is, like an independent name, and an appeal to the names of Jonas – an analog of the name Yunus, Johannes – an analogue of the name Ivan.

The name Jonathan is not mentioned in Catholic and Orthodox saints. Owners of this name are most often surprisingly adapted to life due to their personal qualities. The main principle of any Jonathan considers an indispensable achievement of success, he strives for glory and material well-being. It is under the wonderful music of these words that the character of the Jonathans dances. They resolutely follow any path that should lead them to the goal, deftly avoiding the usual for other people’s doubts and crises. These qualities are manifested from early childhood: Jonathan finds his vocation before others and, being quite a child, firmly believes in his powers, which very rarely fail him.

Proceeding from this, Jonathan often is unfair with stupid and unscrupulous people; but it’s not to blame for it: he sincerely dislikes them, and is unlikely to be able to treat them differently. Sometimes it leads to serious conflicts, even if there is no good reason. However, this outcome is very extreme, so you should not be afraid of Jonathan beforehand. One would think that Jonathan is a kind of human machine for a zealous and purposeful “production.” Not at all.

Name Jonathan

Owners of this name are deeply emotional people who are able to feel quite sincerely even the most ecstatic and, on the contrary, crisis conditions. Another thing is that these emotions are usually deeply hidden from prying eyes and are constantly under control, which, by the way, costs Jonathan a lot. But, if required, Jonathan is able to demonstrate his feelings. This looks especially impressive when Jonathan is overflowing with a formidable courageous force, striking literally everyone who was fortunate enough to see it. However, such stormy, frightening outbursts happen only occasionally, when the situation is critical.

In his everyday life, Jonathan is a very kind and generous man. This is especially evident when someone needs his knowledge, which he has plenty thanks to his desperate curiosity. However, when it comes to money, Jonathan is the first person to turn to: he will gladly share with the fruits of his success. But, of course, the kindness and generosity of Jonathan are most clearly manifested in the family. Here he is an incredibly honest and open person, ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of his beloved woman and child.

When you marry Jonathan, you can be sure that the money in the family will be considerable, and you will not have to refuse anything. It’s because Jonathan always rolls all the “cream” of his finances, rushing headlong home – to indulge his loved ones with superfluous pleasures. However, not only cream, the family gets the rest of the pitcher with milk, and the oil remains – Jonathan is able to earn considerable money. By virtue of his infinite devotion to his close ones, Jonathan is absolutely intolerant of treason: he himself will never allow himself anything of the sort, and betrayal towards him is capable of leading him to terrible fury and imposing a taboo on all forgiveness. But if you are as devoted to him as he is to you, you will receive a gentle and attentive family man, who is ready every day to give you the most precious things that he has.

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