50442 The meaning of the name Josephine

The meaning of the name Josephine

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The meaning of the name Josephine

Brief form of the name of Josephine. Jojo, Joe, Jusie, Josette, Fina, Peppa, Hughes, Zuta, Ficke, Joo.

Synonyms of the name Josephine. Josephine, Josiana, Joseph, Josefina, Josefina, Giuseppin, Joseppin, Josepin, Josefina, Josef, Josephine, Josian, Juzepa, Jozefina, Shosavin.

The origin of the name Josephine. Josephine’s name is Jewish, Catholic.

Josephine’s name is the female version of the French name Joseph, which is a variant of the Hebrew name Joseph (Osip). In translation means “Yahweh will reward.” Josephine has a living mind. She is inclined to generalization, has good memory and perfect intuition. It is because of his intuition that Josephine can foresee the most important events in the near future. However, with all this the girl does not differ curiosity. All that Josephine is striving for is a good job and a successful marriage.

As the most characteristic features peculiar to girls named by this name, one can call sociability, receptivity and intuition. It is not a conflict, it seeks to avoid quarrels, it holds back its emotions well. Josephine may look completely indifferent from the side, even if her soul is seething with a volcano. In fact, the girl is very excitable and has a quick reaction, although she knows how to hide it.

Despite the seeming weakness and defenselessness, the girl has a strong will. Josephine does not like “common” entertainment, like fairs and buffoons, her mannerisms are too aristocratic. In the circle of the girl’s hobbies, studies, unfortunately, are not included. She studies only when necessary. It may seem to others not active, because it does not seek to impose their opinions on others.

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She seems almost indecent. The girl in general is somewhat secretive, timid and indecisive. The girl has a strong sense of self-worth, she is very obligatory, always fulfills her promises. But the dishonest actions and betrayals of people close to Josefina, friends or relatives, cause the girl considerable suffering. Josephine is equally friendly with men, and with women. The girl does not seek to share problems and seek support from others. She alone overcomes the difficulties that arise before her.

The most suitable profession for Josephine is the profession of a lawyer, psychiatrist, stewardess, guide. This girl is pretty reserved, although she has strong sensual impulses. From Josephine is a wonderful wife who perfectly supports home comfort. The girl is an unsurpassed mistress and a good mother. The future husband must be sensitive to Josephine, it’s good to understand it, so as not to offend her inadvertently. Josephine can wait for her fairy prince for a long time. And, having become attached to his chosen one, he will do it, perhaps forever.