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The meaning of the name Lucia

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The meaning of the name Lucia

Brief form of the name Lucia. Lou, Lucy, Lulu, Lucy, Lusia, Lutz, Lutsa, Lutsk, Lusi, Cindy, Chia, Chita, Lucita, Lyudka, Lyutka, Lucia, Lucia, Sia, Luz, Lucy.

Synonyms of the name Lucia. Lucia, Lucia, Lucia, Lucia, Lucia, Lucia, Lucina, Lucy, Lucy, Lucinda, Lucina, Lucinda, Lutz, Lucin, Lucin.

The origin of the name Lucia. Name Lucia is Catholic.

The name Lucia is of Latin origin, formed from “lux”, which literally means “light”, “illumination”, “radiance”. There may be many interpretations of this name, since the modern meanings of the word “light” are enormous. The very first thing that comes to mind is that light is something bright that shines, the second is “brilliance” and “sparkling”. Then one already remembers “daylight”, “sunlight”, and in the future “light” is “knowledge”, “clarity” and “evidence”. The very last thing that recalls that “light” could also earlier mean “life”, as opposed to darkness, non-being. The stress in Lucia’s name can be on the first and second syllables. The stress on the letter “yu” is a traditional, European stress. The second syllable became a shock in Russia only after the October Revolution, when this name began to be interpreted as revolutionary, formed from the word “revolution”. The name Lucia has many analogues in Europe.

In Russia, the option was used – Lukia, Lukeya, in England – Lucinda, Lucy, in France – Lucy, in Spain – Lucia, Lucina, Lucinda, in Italy – Lucia, Lucia, Hungary – Lucia, Lutz, in northern European countries – Lucia , Lucy, in Germany and Poland in the use of the pronunciation of the name through “c”. The name is pronounced through “yu”, and through “y” – Lucia, Lucia, where the letter “ts” can also alternate with “c” and “h”. Name Lucia is a female form of the male name of Lucius, who has many related names, formed from the Latin “lux”. These are Lukillian, Lukyan, Luka, from each of which appeared female forms of names.

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Name Lucia

The name Lucia is mentioned in Catholic svyatsy, orthodox namesakes – see the name of Lukia. Girl Lucy is a straightforward, outspoken and rather stubborn person, prefers an authoritarian style of communication, which is a special form of protection, while being cautious. In fact, she is charming, wants to be loved, wants to make other people happy. She takes care of her appearance, smiles at everyone, sometimes she looks like sophistication and elegance. The owner of this name is a strong-willed woman, capable of long-term efforts and long-term actions, her diligence can only be envied. Lucia is disciplined, courageous and reliable, her friends know that they can always rely on her.

On the other hand, it is prone to self-centeredness and can even be mercilessly ambitious, arrogant and irritable, especially if it feels that it was unfairly criticized or if its pride was hurt. Nevertheless, she manages to control herself most of the time so as not to disturb the peaceful, harmonious environment necessary for her well-being. Fortunately, Lucia is able to change, she is constantly cultivating. With age, the girl becomes more emotional, in childhood it is less noticeable. Lucia in childhood is often relatively peaceful and calm. Parents can count on her sense of duty, because she always wants to please their loved ones.

Lucia appreciates accuracy, order, security and stability, as well as harmony in the home and family life, to generally accepted values. She hates everything that seems unnatural or unhealthy to her. Lucia has the talent of an organizer and manager, she is a perfectionist and can be a bit obsessive fastidious. This girl is not particularly romantic, reserved, modest, she may have difficulties in communication. Lucia is a wonderful housewife, she also seeks to realize herself in the professional field. The choice of professions for her is very great – sports, science, aesthetics, real estate, art.

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Lucia celebrates her name day on February 19, March 25, June 25, July 6, September 16, November 14, December 13.