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The meaning of the name of Jorgin

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The meaning of the name of Jorgin

Brief form of the name of Jorgin. Hera, Gina, Ina, Inula, Inusya, Inusha, Lina, Gina, Georgie, Joe, Yora.

Synonyms of the name of Jorgin. Georgia, Georgina, Georgette, Jorgelin, Georget, Georgiana, Georgette, Gyorgyi, Georgette, George, Irzhin, Joerg, Yorgin.

The origin of the name of Jorgin. The name of Jorge is Catholic.

The name of Jorgin is the French female version of the name Georges, as well as the Portuguese version of the name Jorge. Since there are many analogues (George, George, George, Jorge, Giorgio, Jordi, George, Gyorgy, Georgios, Jiri, Jorgen, Jurie, Shor) among the male figure named Georges / Jorge, the female name of Jorzhin will have a lot analogues. So in England and Italy George will be called Georgia, Georgiana, Georgina, in Germany – Georgina, in France also Georgette, in Spain – in Jorgelin, in Romania, in Moldova – Georgina, Georget, Georgiana, Georgette, in Hungary – Gyorgyi, Georgina, Georgette , in Greece – George, in the Czech Republic – Irzhin, Joerg, Yorgin, in Bulgaria – Georgi, Georgina, in Sweden – Georgina. Therefore, the meaning of the name of Jorzhin is analogous to the meaning of the name Georges – “farmer”. But it so happened that this name is identical to the name of the flower dahlias, that’s why the name of Georgina (Jorzhin) is literally translated as the name of this flower.

Among Muslims there is a similar in meaning name – Dahlia, which means “dahlia”. Every woman’s name has diminutive caresses, which have become independent names. So Dahlia has the addresses of Hera, Ina, Jorkhelina – Lina, Georgina and others – Gina. The name of Jorgin is not mentioned either in Catholic or in Orthodox saints. But since this name has many analogs, the namesakes will be indicated for these names. Catholics celebrate the name day of St. George, the saint, the Virgin of Orleans, on February 15, and the Orthodox have no name day for those who own these names. As a child, Jorge is a nice and capable girl. Everyone predicts her a happy fate, but these predictions do not always come true.

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Jorzhin has a huge influence in the situation in which she is. The presence of negative conditions will adversely affect the girl’s future. Only under favorable circumstances can a girl show her abilities and even achieve fame. Such chances periodically appear in her life, and, most importantly, they are able to use. Georgette, born in the winter, is distinguished by a very powerful and selfish nature. She wants to subjugate everyone and everyone, easily takes offense at any remark. The girl’s soul is full of great ambition, which negatively affects her relations with her relatives. And the strongest of all is the suffering of Jorge’s husband. “Summer” Dahlia is a completely different person. There is no ambition in it. On the contrary, it is a sweet, affable, and even somewhat frivolous girl. This Jorzhina enjoys universal love, often acts under the influence of momentary emotions and because of this often gets into unpleasant situations.

The family life of this woman is very happy. The husband worships Jorgina, not depriving her of love and affection. Born in the fall, Jorgina is the most practical and prudent. Possessing a male mindset, she prefers a society of the opposite sex, where she meets with more understanding. The actions of such a Dahlia will never be reckless, for any decision it has quite reasonable grounds. A girl with this name is resolute and bold, not in her spirit, afraid of responsibility for what is done.

Jorgina celebrate the name day on February 15.