The meaning of the name Olivia
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The meaning of the name Olivia

The meaning of the name Olivia

Brief form of the name Olivia. Olive, Ollie, Liv, Liv, Libya, Livvy, Livi, Ola, Oliva, Olivka, Livia, Olive, Olivcha, Olivetta, Olivinja, Lee, Vi, Viña, Oli.

Synonyms for Olivia. Olive, Olivette, Olivia.

The origin of the name Olivia. Olivia’s name is Catholic. The name Olivia has Latin roots, comes from the Latin “oliva”, which translates as “olive”, “olive tree”. There is a male version of this name – Olive, which is rarely used, the female variant is more common. The name Oliver is a related name. Olivia’s name was worn by the Catholic saint Olivia (Oliva) of Palermo, who is considered the patroness of the Italian city of Trivigliano. This name is not found in Orthodox saints. The name of Olivia characterizes her owner as a noble, honest and sociable person. Since childhood, decisiveness and independence have been manifested in it.

She gets good grades at school. Excellent in all subjects. She has a wonderful memory that promotes success. Over time, the girl shows principledness and seriousness. Any situations Olivia tries to regard objectively. The actions of the owner of such a name are usually based on her noble life principles. She is completely unsentimental nature. If necessary, he can demonstrate the rigidity of his character. Olivia is going through because of her mistakes or failures, but she is always able to quickly gather in spirit and continue what she started.

name Olivia

Due to her perseverance, diligence and good intuition, she often achieves success. In its essence, Olivia is quite sociable. It’s always easy to find a common language with people. Thanks to her relaxedness, she easily makes new acquaintances. She seems boring female society, so the owner of the name spend more time in the circle of men. The girl does not have complexes, she feels at ease in almost any team. Olivia negatively refers to gossip, deceit and hypocrisy. With people endowed with such qualities, she tries not to communicate. Olivia is sincere, honest and open. She is straightforward and categorical.

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This woman is not inclined to manifest aggression and rarely participates in conflict situations. Despite the excessive veracity, this does not prevent Olivia from making many friends. If necessary, she is always ready to help her relatives. Olivia is an amorous man, but despite this, she always values ​​her independence. To marry is very serious and thorough. For her it matters that the chosen one has a strong character and high intelligence. In addition, he must necessarily be courageous. The successes in work are important to Olivia. It seeks to make a career and develop itself as a person. In a family life, such a woman knows her own worth and expects a worthy attitude. The marriage of Olivia usually develops happily.

Olivia celebrates the name day on March 5, June 3, June 10.

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