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The meaning of the name Rita

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The meaning of the name Rita

Brief form of the name Rita. Ritan, Ritoch, Ritosh, Rituyl, Ritun, Ritus, Ritus.

Synonyms of the name Rita. Margarita, Henrietta, Harita.

The origin of the name Rita. Rita’s name is Catholic. Rita’s name is usually considered a short form of the name Margarita, which means “pearl”. But also Rita is a short form of other women’s names, such as Henrietta and Harita. In Western Europe, Rita’s name is used not only as an affectionate appeal to Margarita, Henrietta and Harita, but is also often used as an independent name.

The Catholics are worshiped by the holy Rita Kashikhskaya, who is considered the patroness of people in hopeless situations and women, unhappy in marriage. It is customary to treat her with prayers for healing from infertility. According to another version, Rita’s name is of Indian origin and is translated as “courageous”. This person combines a large supply of tenderness, love and diligence with envy and frown.

Rita behaves secretly, not rarely locked in himself. She does not have a simple character. In all questions, Rita is prudent and self-confident. If she does not agree with something, she expresses her opinion very vigorously. Stubbornness, strong will and quick reaction – these are its main features. Since childhood, she is trying to be independent. He never puts his problems on others, but tries to solve them. At school, Rita is an excellent student. Lessons do not cause her difficulties. The future profession should take up all of its time.

name Rita

It suits such specialties as a doctor, nurse or teacher. From this girl it turns out a wonderful mother and a wonderful mistress of the house. Intuition almost never fails Rita. In making decisions, she prefers to be guided by reason. She never aspires to stand out. Always give way to a man who is trying to attract attention.

Rita is attentive, showing an interest in trifles. She is characterized by an analytical mind. The possessor of this name is very vulnerable, it is enough to offend her. It is better to defend others than to defend one’s own opinion. Rita has a small circle of friends. She carefully refers to their choice. The girl is very attached to people.

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Rita is an adherent of moral rules. At decisive moments in life, she will take the side of decency and honesty. It easily overcomes difficulties. He feels himself in a good sense in a team. He never imposes his own communication.

Rita celebrates the name day on May 22.