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The meaning of the name Robert

The meaning of the name Robert

A short form of the name is Robert. Robert, Rob, Rob, Burt, Bertick, Roban, Rab, Robik, Ruby, Robbie, Bobby, Robin, Robin, Bob.

Synonyms of the name of Robert. Rupert, Bob, Robin, Robertus, Raybert, Rauber, Arrouber.

The origin of the name is Robert. His name is German, Catholic.

The name Robert has ancient German roots and in translation means “brilliant, unfading glory”, “shining with glory”. In other countries, Robert is also called Rupert, Bob (diminutive English form), and also Robin. The name Robert is one of the most common male names in English-speaking countries. This name bore several kings.

The rare name of the boy immediately identifies his owner in almost any society. However, Robert does not really like it, in view of the fact that he has such character traits as steadiness and isolation. Ever since childhood, Robert begins to look older than his years, while possessing great discretion and restraint, in response to excessive attention. Robert is characterized by such traits of character as concentration, purposefulness and the ability for good concentration.

He always has an acceptable self-esteem, his pride is not affected, so he can calmly stand up for himself. Usually Robert does not tend to keep grudges against people for a long time. He always tries to ponder and understand not only the essence of the conflict that has arisen, but also to evaluate and, possibly, accept the opinion of his opponent. It is important to note that the balance and calm of Robert have nothing to do with laziness.

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Everything, for which he undertakes, he tries to do thoroughly and without excessive fussiness. Robert is able to understand and forgive people, and, does it very tactfully and delicately. It is for this that he enjoys a rather weighty authority and respect among his friends and acquaintances. This quality is undoubtedly a plus, because it is ideal not only for personal life, but also for leadership work. And the profession for himself, Robert is trying to choose a quieter. Suitable specialties for him, of course, will be biology, history or drafting.

In any team, Robert becomes a universal favorite, above all, this is manifested in the fact that he does not seek to command and is always ready to help when it is needed. To the family life, Robert takes very seriously. Therefore, he will always strive to preserve his feelings for only one single woman. Robert moderately jealous: betrayal of a beloved woman can be a big blow for him. But, despite this, he is able to forgive her.

In dealing with Robert, there are often no obstacles. He attracts people with his optimism, the ability to rejoice even in tiny events. Often people make mistakes, trying to somehow bribe Robert, trying to persuade him to his point of view. Such people Robert prefers to avoid, avoiding communication with them. Robert, who has a balance and calm, often feels sympathy and reaches out to people of adventurous character.

Robert Robert’s birthday is celebrated on March 27, April 17, April 25, April 29, April 30, June 7, June 8, September 17.

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