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The meaning of the name Teresa

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The meaning of the name Teresa

Brief form of the name Teresa. Teri, Terry, Tess, Tessa, Thea, Tracy, Titus, Rezi, Resel, Tres, Tere, Teresita, Teresina, Techa, Teza, Tesya, Trezha, Tetsa, Terik, Terchi, Grater, Terinka, Cutting.

Synonyms of the name Teresa. Theresa, Teresa, Theresa, Teresa, Tiresa.

Origin of the name Teresa. The name Theresa is Orthodox, Catholic, Greek. The name Teresa has Greek roots. According to one of the versions, Teresa’s name came from “terao” meaning “to strive, to hunt,” so sometimes Teresa’s name is translated as “hunter”. Teresa’s name is one of the few names that do not have a pair of male names. Among the Catholics there are many saints with the name Teresa, but some sound like Theresa. St. Theresa of Lisieux is considered the patroness of France and Central Africa, as well as pilots and florists.

The whole world knows Mother Teresa, who was a Catholic nun. It was she who founded the women’s monastic congregation “Sisters of the Missionary of Love”, engaged in serving the poor and sick. Mother Teresa is the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. It is ranked by the Catholic Church to the face of the blessed. The orthodox believers have a feast day at Theresa on March 11, October 1, October 15.

In the name Teresa there are huge potential opportunities. Theresa is confident in her abilities and is specific in her desires. However, it is worth moving beyond the scope of everyday life, as a woman becomes timid and hesitant. Comfortable Therese only in an area that she is well acquainted with. She perfectly keeps herself in the hands, she ponderes the next step for a long time, especially if the area is not too familiar to her. Theresa has a mind-set that is commonly called masculine. She prefers to find a way out by herself. Theresa, especially the “spring”, is temperamental and quick-tempered. The woman herself has a quick reaction, and therefore does not tolerate sluggish people.

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A woman with this name is enthralled by a new idea, but in practice she rarely performs them. Theresa alternates periods of depression and idleness with bouts of inspiration and seeking new pursuits. In Teresa there is a choleric temperament and a propensity for self-sacrifice. A woman with this name is objective, thinks specifically. Intuition is in Teresa, but she does not use it. Theresa wants to be the best in her field, she is ambitious, craves recognition and success. Her discipline helps her in this. The spheres of activity of women wearing this name may be very different. The most attractive for Teresa are medicine and professions that require communication with people.

Among the owners of the name Teresa, you can meet flight attendants, sisters of mercy, educators, pediatricians. However, the prospect of obeying someone else for life can make Teresa deeply unhappy. True call of Teresa to be the guardian of the home. To a marriage the girl takes very seriously, does not accept flirtation and play by feelings. Teresa becomes a faithful and loving wife, fully oriented towards family members.

Wife chooses a long time, but, as a rule, is not mistaken, and the marriage of the girl is successful. Nevertheless, Therese lacks a healthy egoism. Theresa is distinguished by her high morality. However, this does not complicate communication, because the character of the girl is not aggressive. Theresa tries to find an excuse for other people’s mistakes. To herself, she does not forgive anything. In society, Theresa seeks to hide her true thoughts and feelings.

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Theresa celebrates the name day on January 25, March 3, March 7, March 11, April 12, April 23, May 9, June 17, June 28, July 24, August 9, August 26, August 27, August 28, September 5, October 1 , October 3, October 15.