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The meaning of the name Thomas

The meaning of the name Thomas

Brief form of the name Thomas. Tom, Tommy, Tomita, Tami, Tomi, Tomica, Tomchi, Tomcho, Toma, Tomo.

Synonyms of the name Thomas. Tommaso, Tomasz, Tovmas, Tom, Thomas, Tommy, Toma, Dama, Damal, Tomasen, Tamas, Tumash, Ham, Hamash, Tavas, Tavis.

Origin of the name Thomas. The name Thomas is Jewish, Catholic, Jewish. The name Thomas (Tom) comes from the Aramaic name Thomas (Fomas), meaning “twin.” The name Thomas is the European version of the Russian name of Thomas. The female version of the name – Tomazin (Tomazin), Tomasia, Tomai, Tomais, Tomaszka. The Catholics are especially revered by Thomas Aquinas (Thomas Aquinas, Thomas Aquinas), a religious philosopher of the 13th century. In the Catholic tradition, the apostle Thomas (“Thomas the unbeliever”) is considered the patron saint of carpenters, carpenters, builders and architects, and Thomas Aquinas is the heavenly patron of students, booksellers and theologians.

Thomas – this is a balanced, but moving person, confident and sociable. Thomas takes all decisions slowly, fuss is not for him. This is a sensitive and creative person who understands people well. Thomas has a desire for self-analysis, poise, independence, as well as some skepticism in relation to life. He never rushes to make a decision, he is a sensible and cautious man whose principle of life “measure seven times – cut once”.


The owner of this name tries to avoid conflicts and disputes, he does not tolerate boastful and talkative people. The efficient and reasonable Thomas will prove himself in the professions of the scientific sphere, in the field of philosophy and art. Also suitable are technical specialties. In addition, often these men occupy leadership positions or become excellent teachers, as they subtly feel the psychology of people. Colleagues will respect Thomas because of his friendliness and excellent sense of humor. The success of Thomas’s professional activity will depend on his ability to plan the future and analyze the past. To engage in finance or business, Thomas must have outside support.

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In family life, Thomas often experiences setbacks when trying to create a family. Nevertheless, it is a caring, non-conflicting and sympathetic person. Problems in relations with loved ones can arise due to insincerity and closeness to others. Thomas is very attractive, he tries to maintain his physical form and, as a rule, looks young even in his mature years. Thomas adores creative parties, he is sociable and does not mind drinking at the expense of friends.

This person never doubts his male dignity, always looks good, so he does not lack female attention. In dealing with others, Thomas shows himself to be a good-natured and judicious person. He judges people by their deeds, believing that in life there should be less words, more work. To boastful people and fabricators Thomas treats with open dislike. The owner of this name does not have a desire for leadership, and even less is the desire to obey – in society, he keeps quietly and independently. In dealing with Thomas, do not “suck up” and try to get what you want with flattery – this can only spoil the relationship with him.

Thomas celebrates his name day on January 28, June 22, July 3, August 2, August 25, September 22, November 18, December 10, December 10, December 29.

The meaning of the name Thomas

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