The meaning of the name Timothy
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The meaning of the name Timothy

The meaning of the name Timothy

A short form of the name Timothy. Timosha, Tim, Timan, Timak, Timas, Tema, Timofeyka, Timokh, Timon, Timos, Timun, Tyun, Timo, Theo, Tim.

Synonyms of the name Timothy. Timothy, Timothy, Timotheus, Timo, Timoth, Timutea, Timothy, Timothy, Timoteus, Timoteo, Timothy.

The origin of the name Timothy. The name Timothy is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek. The name Timothy came from the Greek “timofoes”, in the translation meaning “worshiper of God.” In different European countries this name will sound like Timothy, Timothyas in England, Timoteo in Spain, Italy, Timothy in Portugal, Timotheos in Greece, Timothy in Romania, Timotheus in Poland, in the Nordic countries (Norway, Denmark, Sweden) and in Germany – Timotheus, Timo, Timi – in Finland, Timod – in Ireland. Timothy grows sufficiently independent and not noisy child. He always listens to the elders.

In communication he manifests himself as a calm and conflict-free person. As a child, the boy tries to spend as much time as possible with his mother, always agrees with her opinion. With age, he becomes dependent on his wife and her decisions, tries to rely on them. Timothy is beautiful, charming and intelligent. With these qualities he always attracts attention. In essence, Timofey is a responsible person. In life, education plays an important role for him, which he will strive to get with all his might. He is quite diplomatic, has patience. These qualities will contribute to the promotion of his owner on the career ladder.

Timothy is an interesting and creative person. Friends are attracted by his lightness and positive attitude. Timothy is not inclined to monotony, so he can be in search for a long time, trying to understand his own purpose. In his personal life Timothy shows softness. Thanks to the pliability of the owner of this name, in the family the wife always takes the role of leader. For such a man, the attitude of the chosen one to his hobbies is of great importance. She is obliged to share them, and not to be ridiculed in this matter.

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In turn, Timothy manifests itself as a wonderful husband. He not only pays much attention to his children, but also is an earner in his family. As a profession, Timothy is best suited for such specialties as designer, engineer, writer, reporter or psychologist. From the side Timofey makes the impression of a calm and balanced person who does not strive to stand out in the team. Often he tries to hide his true emotions, so he may look rather withdrawn. Timothy is not inclined to make a large number of friends. In a big noisy company, he usually chooses a role for himself and joins the general mood. Here you can see it only among a narrow circle of close people. At the same time Timothy rarely shows his irritability and discontent. About these his qualities, only the wife knows more often.

Timothy always moves towards the realization of his plans. Self-love of Timothy is hidden in the depths of his personality. This is due to his upbringing and way of life. Under certain circumstances, it happens to be vindictive. At the same time, Timofey’s character warehouse allows him to react calmly enough to aggression. Most likely, he will not show his displeasure at once at a quarrel, but conceals a negative. His close people can suffer from this, because he will express everything to them.

In the team Timothy communicates with everyone alike, not singling out anyone. It is possible to win his trust with sincere conversations. Only among friends Timothy is really able to open. It reveals such hidden qualities that previously were unnoticeable to people unfamiliar to him.

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Timothy celebrates his name day on January 1, January 17, February 4, February 6, February 14, February 26, March 6, March 12, March 29, May 16, June 23, June 25, August 14, September 1, September 2, November 10 , November 18, November 22, December 11.

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