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The meaning of the name Tina

The meaning of the name Tina

Synonyms for Tina. Valentina, Christina, Martina, Augustine, Alevtina, Celestina, Justina, Florentina, Katrina, Melitina, Clementine, Argentina, Fotina, Bertin, Ustinya, Radostin.

The origin of the name Tina. Tina’s name is Muslim, Catholic, Georgian. Tina’s name has several versions of origin. According to the first version, Tina’s name in Latin means “strong”, “healthy”. Quite often Tina’s name was originally used as a short form to many European names, but eventually acquired an independent status and became a full name. According to the second version, Tina’s name is a form of the Georgian name Tinatin. Translated as “a reflection of the sun”, “a shimmering beam.”

According to the third version, Tina’s name is Muslim, in Arabic it means “fig”. Initially, the plant figuratively cultivated in Arabia, and later it was borrowed by Egypt, Fenikia and Syria. The fruit of figs, its leaves are actively used in medicine against various diseases. Therefore, it is likely that in Latin, “tyna” in the meaning of “healthy” fell precisely from Muslims. Also Tina is a short form of various women’s names (Valentina, Cristina, Martin, Augustine, Alevtina, Celestine, Justin, Florentin, Fantin, Melitin, Clementine, Leontin, Fetinia, Argentina, Fotina, Bertin, Radostin, Favstin, Ustinya, Albertina , Ernestine, Katrina, Constantine, Agathin (Agatha), and some men (Aventine, Augustine, Fotin, Justin, Palatin, Fantin, Milutin, Celestin, Justinian).

Names for Tina’s name – see the dates for the full version of the names to which Tina’s name is a short form. Tina has a secretive character, she does not always show her emotions, likes balance and harmony, she is a real esthete. It is not devoid of a certain inner strength, which makes the possessor of this name effective against the harsh reality of life. Tina is very independent, capable of taking responsibility, many responsibilities, she has many ambitions, which are supported by great self-confidence.

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Tina’s child is unlikely to be obedient, especially when her parents adhere to an authoritarian style of upbringing, so often in this case one can hear about Tina: “This is a character!” The situation is aggravated by her sense of justice. Any wrong, unjust action causes aggression and uncontrolled outbursts of emotion in Tina. However, by encouraging her sense of responsibility and taking into account her personality, Tina’s parents should appreciate her desire to do well, to direct this desire in a positive direction.

Tina can also be seen, in turn, as a conciliatory, sensitive, active, disciplined person. She is a perfectionist, tries to have harmony in her family. Sometimes it can become aggressive, but more often than not it is a consequence of her emotional state, in those moments when she is upset. Tina has an inner depth, loves analysis, intellectual reflection. She likes to appear seductive, sometimes even narcissistic, but this is only to “protect” from others. Tina may have a desire to do many things at once, mix things that can not be mixed, she experiments.

Tina loves beautiful things (jewelry, clothes), coziness and luxury. The house will be furnished with the latest technology, design, but it will be very cozy and functional. Tina is very difficult to determine emotionally in the choice of a spouse, she will strive for excellence, which can lead to divorce or failed wedding. Tine should be flexible, take into account that any person has the right to make mistakes and learn to forgive.

If parents do not develop her creative abilities, then in her adult life Tina will focus on practical professions that will lead her to well-being, fame, and prosperity. Tina will become a good businessman, actress, singer, sportswoman. It necessarily implements its ambitions. Her innate sense of justice will help Tina choose a legal profession (lawyer, judge, notary, clerk). Otherwise, for her open field of art and aesthetics. Medicine, psychology, sociology can also attract Tina.

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The meaning of the name Tina

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