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The meaning, origin and destiny of the name of Jeanne

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The meaning, origin and destiny of the name of Jeanne

Brief form of the name Jeanne. Jeanne, Jeannock, Janusia, Jeanine, Jeannine, Jeanette, Jeanelle, Jean, Nana, Gianna, Jana, Jenna, Joana, Juanet, Jonet.

Synonyms of the name of Jeanne. John, Joan, Joanna, Joao, Juan, Joana, Jeanette, Johanna, Jonet, Giovannina, Jehanne, Gian, Jehanna, Gian. Nationality. The name Jeanne is Jewish, Orthodox, Catholic.

The origin and meaning of the name Jeanne. The name Jeanne is a French variation of the name of John, which managed to settle down in Russia.

In translation from the Hebrew language, this name means “the grace of God”, “grace”, “the gift of the Gods”. In France, the name Jeanne came from the name of Jean, an analogue of the name Ivan. The name of Zhanna is consonant with another name – Jan, which is also a variant of the name of John. Derivative and independent names on behalf of Jeanne were the female names of Jane, Jean, Joan. Loving treatment Jenna is also an independent name. Character and destiny.

Since childhood in Jeanne, a lot of obstinacy. Her annoying person gives no peace. She never doubts her opinion, and no one has the right to argue with her. Jeanne can be resourceful and witty, and can also become irresistible, however, this is very rare. She does not tolerate gossip and empty talk. About myself Jeanne always has a high opinion that rarely corresponds to reality. She always reacts quickly and acts decisively.

As for career, Jeanne is more inclined to search for work in the field of exact sciences. Particularly confident, she feels herself in a team that consists only of men. He often moves up the career ladder, reaching a small, but still leading position. Jeanne, when choosing a place of work, prefers only “male” professions. A woman with this name is sensual and impulsive, she is ready to go for any recklessness for the sake of love, but can be even-tempered and circumspect, adhering to strict rules. As a rule, her desires are determined by the mood in which she is at a certain moment. Jeanne is temperamental and in every respect tends to dominate. She does not try to get married quickly, first she has to get a specialty and work for a while, achieving certain results in her career.

In family life Jeanne often takes the position of leader. Thanks to her energy and good intuition, her husband can fully rely on her. Conflicts that arise in the family, she manages the “iron hand”, possibly suppressing them barely born. In view of this, the family, as a rule, does not disintegrate. All the same mood plays an important role in the management of the household. Jeanne prefers to exercise reasonable rigor in the education of children, clearly distributing responsibilities in this respect between themselves and her husband.

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The kindness shown by the people around her, she usually feels weak and tries to make the most of her to achieve her goals. It happens that Jeanne arrives, absolutely not understanding and not taking into account the interests of other people, and this is usually perceived by them as aggression and ingratitude on her part. It does not forgive offenses, although it seeks to maintain a relationship with all. Popularity. The name Jeanne is not popular and is not included in the rating of 100 popular names of Russia.

Interest in the name arose in the 1960s, when a beautiful actress Zhanna Prokhorenko appeared on the television screens of the USSR, starring in one of the most famous military films of those years – The Ballad of a Soldier. In the next decade, interest in this name was supported by the soloist of the VIA “Good Lads” Jeanne Bichevskaya, another 10 years, rock singer Zhanna Aguzarova did not let everyone forget that such a name exists, because it was during this period that the glory of the group ” Bravo “, where Jeanne was a vocalist. Opera singer Jeanne Dombrovskaya, the film of Luke Besson of the late 90’s about Jeanne D’Arc, singer Zhanna Friske – all this supported the interest in the name, but it was no longer so great, so the name left the occupied 50th position and today it is considered quite a rare name.

Name day Jeanne Jeanne celebrates her name day June 27, July 10, August 30.