The Tools You Need To Make Pizza At Home, Without A Pizza Oven

The Tools You Need To Make Pizza At Home, Without A Pizza Oven

When I set out to interview pizza chefs about making restaurant-grade pizzas at home, I expected to hear about the necessity of portable pizza ovens. While I was unsurprised to learn about the best instant yeast (Fleishman’s) and the importance of buying high-quality crushed tomatoes, I was stunned that none of the chefs said the rest of us should shell out for a home pizza oven.

In fact, they all agreed that you can make amazing pizza — New York, pan, Detroit, grandma, Sicilian and more — with your regular oven. You just need a little guidance and a couple of affordable gadgets — namely, a pizza steel, which is a quarter-inch seasoned sheet of steel that retains and conducts heat far more than a pizza stone.

Dave Quaile, founder of Freelance Pizza, a Philadelphia-based mutual aid pizza pop-up, says upgrading to a pizza steel was “the best investment I ever made.”

“If you really want like restaurant-quality pizza out of your house, you’re gonna have to put the temperature up as high as it can possibly go,” he said. “A steel is better than a pizza stone because pizza stones crack, especially if you are cranking the temperature up.”

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