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The value of the name Irma

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The value of the name Irma

Brief form of the name of Irma. Irmichka, Irmushka, Ira, Irmenka, Irminya, Imke, Imme, Irmita, Irma, Imma, Emma.

Synonyms of the name of Irma. Irmin, Irmil.

Origin of the name of Irma. Her name is German, Catholic.

The name Irma is of German origin. According to one version, originally the name of Irma was a short form of ancient German names, starting with the “ermen” component, meaning “universal” (Irmgard, Irmkheld, Irmtraut, Irmingard). According to another version, the name of Irma is the reduced Irmin, in honor of the god named by the name of Irmin, who was esteemed by many ancient Germanic tribes. In some cases, the name of Ermin is identical, the pair man’s name is Ermin, which in some cases is written and pronounced as Irmin. But also Ermin’s name has other versions of origin.

The name Irma is a related name to the names Emilia, Emmy, Emma. There is a derivative name – Irmil, is used very rarely. The names of Irma are February 19 (Germany), March 31 (Finland), April 7 (Sweden), May 3 (Hungary), September 18 (Poland), November 14 (Slovakia).

In childhood, Irma is a little tomboy. She is absolutely not afraid of anything, and usually does not lead to sad consequences. However, the parents in any case should at the time warn the girl about the dangers waiting for her, not forgetting about the early sex education. Little Irma is very active. She just needs sports, dancing or other group activities. Irma is very independent. For her freedom is not at all empty words. It is undisciplined, does not accept any restrictions. Irma often does risky things, not thinking too much about the consequences. Very girl attracts suspense.

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Irma is often proud and arrogant. Sometimes her actions confuse others. Irma often rushes to extremes, her mood easily passes from a state of extreme enthusiasm to a state of deep depression. A woman with this name adores pleasure. The craving for entertainment sometimes gets Irma much further than she would like. The girl can not sit still. Her innate nervousness and high mobility attract Irmu to explore new horizons. If Irma has a goal, she mobilizes all her powers, directs all energy to achieve the goal. In such moments, the girl shows amazing performance. Irma can not stay in this state for a long time. A woman with this name is authoritative and convincing.

It is full of practical meaning, has many abilities for organization and management. Irma is an excellent distributor of orders. Home care Irma prefers to build a career. At the same time, as a profession, he chooses something connected with diversity and travel. Perhaps it will be the sphere of tourism, sales or advertising. A woman with this name knows well what love is. Very often it is this feeling that guides her actions. Irma is subject to real outbursts of passion. She is morbidly jealous, although she herself is not very reliable in this respect.

For his chosen Irma will be just perfect, never make him miss. And from the elect in return it will be necessary to worship and entertain your beloved. However, choosing her as a wife, a man should not expect Irma to be self-sufficient. Irma needs to be the center of the world, and it gives her true joy to act freely of her own free will. In communication, the girl is sometimes selfish and arrogant.

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Irma celebrates the name day on February 19, March 31, April 7, May 3, September 18, November 14.