This Is A $90,000 Honda Civic Type R
88479 This Is A $90,000 Honda Civic Type R

This Is A $90,000 Honda Civic Type R

Beyond the car’s rarity, the high asking price is also due to its mileage, which is at a little over 17,000 kilometers or around 11,000 miles. The car is being sold in Hong Kong, and that’s the biggest factor behind the astronomical asking price. See, in Hong Kong, a “First Registration Tax” can add almost $30k to the price of a new Type R, and other cars are no different. If this car were to be sold in Japan, for example, the price would undoubtedly be lower. Still, whatever the reason, this generation of the Type R was never as good as the new model, especially not when it comes to lap times, but for every willing seller, there’s a willing buyer too.

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