This Special Range Rover Can Tow A Spaceship
95311 This Special Range Rover Can Tow A Spaceship

This Special Range Rover Can Tow A Spaceship

Since 2014, Land Rover has partnered with Virgin Galactic to support the world’s first commercial space flight service. Now, Land Rover has announced this agreement has been extended by three years until at least 2024, resulting in a ten-year partnership. The announcement was made during the unveiling of Virgin Galactic’s latest VSS Imagine spaceship. As part of the ongoing partnership, Land Rover will continue to supply vehicles to tow the spaceships out of hangers, carry equipment, clear runways before takeoff, and transport passengers to their flight.

Land Rover also supported Virgin Galactic’s relocation from Mojave, California, to New Mexico, where the world’s first purpose-built commercials spaceport is located.

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