85783 This Will Be One Of The Rarest Muscle Cars Ever

This Will Be One Of The Rarest Muscle Cars Ever

Those wheels and tires tuck neatly underneath some aggressive RTR widebody fender flares, and a dizzying array of styling tweaks – RTR upper and lower grilles, a rear diffuser, rear spoiler, hood extractor vents, rocker splitters, etc. etc. – ensure that the Spec 5 looks as ready-to-rock as it is.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. himself calls the 10th Anniversary Spec 5 “the most epic representation of what RTR stands for: modern aggressive styling, easily drivable smile-inducing power, adjustable performance to suit customers’ needs, and overall just the right enhancements that an owner needs to stand out from the crowd.”

Just ten examples will be built, each with a serialized dash plaque wearing Gittin’s signature – just in case it wasn’t already apparent how important this particular model is to RTR. Much has been written about the likes of the 2020 Shelby GT500, the Shelby Super Snake, and the Jack Roush Edition Mustang, but this 700-plus-horsepower Mustang is arguably every bit as special.

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