Tiger Horoscope 2018
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Tiger Horoscope 2018

Tiger Horoscope 2018


In this year of the Dog, there would be many new things happening in your life. Take that in a positive sense and keep moving. Opportunities knock on your door only once though. Take good care of yourself, do not sacrifice yourself for the well-being of others around. Embrace happiness, learn to give and share, the rest will be added unto you.


There would be a sense of suspense in your career field this year. Promotions and pay-hikes are on the cards, however it calls for hard work from your part. If you are looking for a job switch-over then this is the correct time for the same. Myriad opportunities are likely for Tiger guys this year on the job front. Learn from your mistakes, and proceed ahead. Get the goodwill and notice of authorities in work place.


During the year 2018, there would be options for Tiger people to make extra money. Your creativity would bring in added sources of income through the year. Honesty also pays you richly. However keep a tab on your spending. Save much for the future period. Though there would be ample funds at hand, you are best advised to save it rather than spend the same for this year.


In the year 2018, Tiger natives would like to have a major refurbishing of their love life or marriage. If you are not satisfied with your current partner or love interest, then this would be a good time to bid goodbye and keep moving ahead in life. Avoid sensual and sexual moves to keep yourself protected from troubles.

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Planning does not work in your love life this period. Impulsive acts might prove fruitful, but be cautious. Send your word across without any distortion for your relationships to survive. Family and friends would bring about a new meaning in your life. There would be much warmth around. Be prepared for surprises along the way. Marriages and childbirths in the family would bring joy.


This year of the Dog would bring about good health and cheer for Tiger natives. Do not over-exert yourself this period. This is because you would get drained as the days go by. Find the right food habits that suit you and hold onto them. Also make sure that your mental health is also fit for the period. Positive thinking goes a long way in keeping you in good health for the year 2018.


Tiger natives are advised to communicate well for progress in life. The year ahead would be a smooth one for them. Hence do not waste your time idling around. Look for difficult tasks and pounce on them as the fruits are still sweeter. Embark on plans that are close to your heart. Follow your passion or heart’s desire this year.

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