Trevor Noah Wonders What It Might Take To Gets Donald Trump To Wear A Mask

Trevor Noah Wonders What It Might Take To Gets Donald Trump To Wear A Mask

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Decades ago, a soap actor famously said in a popular ad recommending a brand of cough medicine, “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.” The inherent absurdity of it made the spot a punchline, but history has been repeating during President Donald Trump’s coronavirus press briefings.

The leader of the free world has been playing up the potential benefits of a drug used to treat malaria — over the mild protests of White House Coronavirus Task Force honcho Dr. Anthony Fauci. Today, Trump made a rare admission, saying, “I’m not a doctor.” He was quick to add, however: “But I have common sense.”

While Trevor Noah continues to do Comedy Central’s The Daily Show from his home, he posted a clip from tonight’s show that compares the president’s dubious advice to someone going to a checkup “and there’s some random dude standing behind your doctor giving his opinion, like, “If you ask me, it looks like you got some of that AIDS cancer.”

From there, Noah talked about Tiger King — natch — for a bit before circling back to the press briefing commandeer-er in chief. He noted the Centers for Disease Controls’ latest guidelines that all Americans should wear face masks when out in public. Well, not all of them: Trump thus far is sticking with the you-can-I-won’t approach to facial protection amid the pandemic.

That made Noah wonder if maybe Trump would sport said mouth-and-nose covering if his aides “trick him like he’s a child.”

“No, Mr. President,” he says they might say, “it’s not a mask — it’s a border wall for your face.”

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Here’s a clip from The Daily Social Distancing Show:

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