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Tula Horoscope 2018

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Tula Horoscope 2018


For Tula Rasi natives Saturn or Shani would be in the 3rd house of siblings this year. Rahu would be in the 10th house of Cancer which rules over your profession and business. Jupiter or Guru would be transiting to your 2nd house of Scorpio which takes care of finances. Mars stays in your 4th house of Capricorn for most of the year 2018. The planetary positions seem quite satisfactory for Tula Rasi natives this year.


The year 2018 would be much favorable from a career point of view for Tula Rasi natives. You would be earning name and fame in your career field this time. Guru or Jupiter favors the starting of new ventures for the aspiring ones among Tula Rasi people. Particularly team work would pay off well. Relocation on the cards in lieu of promotion for some of you guys. The transit of Jupiter in October paves way for further enhancement of your professional skills and strengths. Some Tula Rasi natives have the opportunity for pursuing higher studies as well.


Financially this would be a blessed year for Tula people. A good inflow of finances owing to your career performance is likely this year. However there would be expenditure related to travels, and auspicious events at home. Purchase of landed property and luxury vehicles is also on the cards this year. The transit of Jupiter in October 2018 would be followed by a good flow of inward remittances along with some financial income through legacy or inheritance.

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It would be a mixed bag in the love life of Tula Rasi natives this year. You would not be able to give yourself fully to your partner for now. Rahu’s effect on the 4th house would bring about rifts and misunderstandings with your partner. However your social life would expand. The single ones would get married this year. The transit of Jupiter or Guru in October 2018 would bring about a sense of peace and harmony in your domestic and love life.


The combined effect of Jupiter and Saturn on the 9th house favours both long and short distant travels for Tula Rasi people. There would be journeys related to business, career, pilgrimage and relaxation. You would be learning new cultures hitherto unknown in life for you..


Tula Rasi natives would command good health and cheer all through this year. There would be no major health issues for you guys. Do not forget your diet and stick to a good exercising regimen that would bring about general goodness and well being. However occasional minor health issues cannot be ruled out through the course of the year. Take care of your mental health as well by resorting to mental exercises and games.