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Virgo 2019, Horoscope month by month

Virgo 2019, Horoscope month by month


Things are getting better! Yes, you’ve paid your dues. You’ve put up with all those incompetent idiots around you. You’ve taken all the crap that people had to dish out and you never said a word, you just kept a stiff upper lip and suffered in courageous silence! Don’t pay attention to those people who are reading this over your shoulder right now, their laughter will subside in a moment. Well, my Virgo friends, the gravy train is here! As long as you’re comfortable giving up some of your personal values to make some outward gains, then it’s time for some real accomplishment! Happy New Year!


I’ve got good news and bad news. If you were born close to the cusp of Leo, you’ll be getting some good news. Your life direction and your career should get a boost. The rest of you will just have to go pound sand up your asses! Or not! You may get into an argument with someone important. Then, after you open your big, finical, fault-finding mouth, you may regret what you’ve said and worry about what people are thinking of you. Not to worry, they’re probably thinking the same thing that they always think. Happy Valentine’s Day!.


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Most of you will be in Virgo Heaven this month! You’ll reach new heights of discipline and your organizational skills will be in high gear. And if that weren’t enough to warm the cockles of your anal-retentive little heart, you’ll also have a streak of good luck around the first week of the month. Your career should get a boost and you’ll find easy solutions to life’s little problems, both the real ones and those you dream up to amuse yourself. So, in my opinion (which means absolutely nothing), everything’s going your way!.


This month is a Virgo’s wet dream! I know how you just love to keep busy with your little projects, especially the ones that require an insane amount of attention to detail. Well, now you got your buddy Saturn making it even easier to get work done. You will accomplish a lot, thereby enabling you to convince yourself that your superior attitude and that air of virtuosity that you flaunt all over the place is well-deserved. You’re also very assertive and dynamic for part of the month. Well, one man’s dream is another man’s nightmare. Happy Easter!

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Some of you may still want to hole up in your den and contemplate your navel. This is a good thing. After all, new ideas can’t always filter through a mind that’s constantly trying to figure out new strategies for arranging the sock drawer. After this quiet time, you should expect to undergo a little regeneration. By the time the end of the month rolls around, you’ll be in fine spirits. You’ll be able to accomplish so much that you’ll have more than enough time left over to go to a Memorial Day Picnic, hopefully one with free beer..


You may be disturbed during the first week of the month by feelings of vulnerability. You might go off on an insecure binge of self-examination that will only serve to make you question your path in life. Also present at this time is the strong urge to organize things, so I’m sure you’ll be able to sublimate any anxiety by doing what you do best. So, get out the household cleaner and some Q-tips and freak out! By month’s end you should be getting some really good news and you could benefit from someone older than you are, so be nice to the elderly..


Everything is just peachy for most of you. Good luck could be coming your way and things may just seem to work out in your favor. Leo cuspers may see a few fireworks this month when tension causes you to erupt in little fit of pique. And some of you with Virgo rising might go rooting around for something strange. Sounds like a kinky combination—there’s nothing quite as hot as angry sex. You may also be in a defiant mood. You might even rebel by hanging a tool on the wrong hook in the garage!

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This may be a time of discovery for those with Virgo rising. You may respond to your friends in a different way, passion may be revived in an old relationship, or maybe you’ll just feel like going out and getting something strange. Leo cuspers may feel tension accumulating to critical mass until they burst out in a little temper tantrum. This is not a good idea, try not to be so damn picky! Some of you may have good news coming at month’s end, but we won’t talk about that now.


Happy Birthday! For most people, this would be a good time for contemplation. But since you over-analyze everything all year round, you can skip that part. Those born near the cusp of Leo may still have their panties in a bunch for the first half of the month. Just a suggestion: keep your trap shut, you’ll be much better off. If you were born near the cusp of Libra, you should be enjoying some good fortune! Most of you will be bright, witty, dynamic and assertive this month. Loosen up, have some fun!


Not much is going on until about mid month when you’ll be able to make a good impression. If you’re looking for a job or just looking for something strange, that’s the best time to do it. Things should still be working out smoothly for the first few days of the month for those born near the cusp of Libra; it’s a bit more complicated for Leo cuspers. You need to get in touch with your feelings now and in the months ahead. I know most of you aren’t into most things warm and fuzzy, but do your best. Happy Halloween!


This month is a mixed bag. There’s really no telling what could happen from one day to the next. Some of you won’t be able to think clearly, but others will be calm and easy-going and find everything running smoothly. Those of you who are feeling a little confused might say something really weird. This won’t go over very well with the people around you, especially if you make some bizarre comment at the holiday dinner table. So, watch what you say and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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This month will have its ups and downs. Some of the time you might be tense, but there will also be times when you’re in a happy, loving mood and ready to party. Most of you will have a few days here and there throughout the month when your mind will be foggy and you may have trouble speaking. It might help if you try cutting down on the rum in the eggnog. If you were born on the cusp of Libra, things should go smoothly after mid month. So, hang your balls from the Christmas tree and have fun!

Virgo characteristics

Sixth Sign of the Zodiac Earthy Virgo is the sign of service to others. You are an analytical person who loves detail and understanding how something works. Neat and precise, some would call you a perfectionist or workaholic, it’s just your constant attention to detail.

You can be fussy and find faults where others do not see them. You can apply your mind to problems that others may find too menial, but for you, where learning is involved you are happy.

Stress and worry are major lessons for you, also criticism of your own efforts, which is generally unfounded. Learn to value your own knowledge, and judgement.

Ruling Planet – Mercury

Mercury is the traditional Ruling Planet for Virgo. Amongst modern Astrological thought, Chiron (discovered 1977) is now thought to rule this sign, with Mercury ruling Gemini. The myth for Chiron talks of a major healer who lived in caves in the forest., with a deep knowledge of plant and animal lore.

Ruling Symbol – The Virgin

Each of the 12 signs is represented by a Symbol and if you look closely at these symbols you will see they do reflect many of the characteristics of their sign.
The symbol for Virgo is the Virgin. She is often depicted with an ear of corn and a child on her lap, indicating fertility and what work needs to be done to produce this. This represents a pure, unspoiled even chaste state and a desire for purity and perfection. She is likened to the Roman Goddess of the Harvest, Ceres.

Category: Monthly Horoscope

Virgo 2019, Horoscope month by month

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