Volkswagen And Tesla ‘Need Each Other,’ VW Says
90411 Volkswagen And Tesla 'Need Each Other,' VW Says

Volkswagen And Tesla ‘Need Each Other,’ VW Says

Keogh was later asked what the reaction was like at Volkswagen after the reveal, and he shared that he witnessed a few comments to the effect of “rest in peace, Tesla.”

“I’m not sure I agree with that, but okay.”

Volkswagen is confident that it got things right with the new ID.4. “We’ve got a car that’s frankly awesome and priced right, and we’re excited,” Keogh said, calling the ID.4 “just cool as heck” with its silent operation and satisfying drive. “It moves like a spaceship,” he said.

The RWD ID.4 Pro launch model will start at $39,995 in the US this spring before any incentives or federal tax rebate are applied, and an AWD version with the same 82-kWh battery pack will launch later in 2021 at $43,695. The following year, Volkswagen plans to introduce a budget version priced at around $35k with a smaller 55- or 62-kWh battery pack.

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