Volvo Has Made A Cool Pair Of Shoes
96263 Volvo Has Made A Cool Pair Of Shoes

Volvo Has Made A Cool Pair Of Shoes

The kicks were created to celebrate World Car Free Day, not something that the average automaker makes too much noise about. Then again, it does align with Volvo’s carbon-neutral goals. The shoes feature a trademark Scandinavian look, meaning they wouldn’t look out of place on the feet of your accountant, but they’re just stylish enough to make any young professional look on-trend. To tie the shoes in with Volvo’s automotive culture, 10 percent of the soles are made out of recycled tires. Scandinavian themes can be seen in the “Thor Hammer” linework and paneling of the shoe, reflecting the design of Volvo headlights, and the Swedish flag sits proudly on the shoe tag. The upper makes use of seven recycled plastic bottles to make these shoes extra flexible and breathable.

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