84884 VW Enthusiast Spends An Insane Amount Of Money Building His Dream Rabbit GTI

VW Enthusiast Spends An Insane Amount Of Money Building His Dream Rabbit GTI

Spratt worked on the engine, chassis, handling, and braking performance while also giving the car modern amenities such as electric windows, heated seats, push-button start, an electronically adjustable brake system, two-axis accelerometers, and a touch-screen dash. Working with a custom engine builder, Spratt designed a naturally aspirated engine with around 220 horsepower (more than double the original 90 hp output). “There were times that I felt like this project was eating me alive,” Spratt said. “This was one of the most extreme commitments to a project I have worked on.”

The car, which Spratt calls “Ultimate GTI,” was finished in 2018 and taken to the track, several auto shows, and family road trips before he sold the car to a young couple of VW enthusiasts who live in Vancouver at a fraction of the cost. “If you get into restoration and modification for the money, you should find a new hobby,” Spratt said. “The purpose of the project was fulfilled for me. I made the car faster and better than before and pursued my passion for seven years.”

So, what’s next for Spratt? “My long-term goal is to electrify a 1961 Beetle,” he says. “The technology behind converting a vintage vehicle to an electric car really interests me.”

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