WAR ON CHRISTMAS: Tiger Woods Distracts From Jesus With Pic of His Hard Bod

WAR ON CHRISTMAS: Tiger Woods Distracts From Jesus With Pic of His Hard Bod

Christmas should be about Jesus and only Jesus. At my home there are no lights, tree or ornamentation. Only a life-size model of Baby Jesus we pretend to feed and nurture into Adult Jesus throughout the month of December.

That’s why I was appalled to discover known pervert Tiger Woods is trying to make the holiday all about himself and his chiseled bod. DISGUSTING!

I am dismayed to say I am transfixed with the aplomb displayed in such a casual social media post.  I haven’t fed Baby Jesus in hours. I hate myself.

And while I think Santa is an abhorrent pagan idol, this Mac Daddy Santa is a true test of my previously unwavering faith. Why would Tiger decide to distract this good Christian nation from Jesus?

Even the data proves it.

Notice below how Google search traffic for Jesus is way down from the same time last year.

But hardly by coincidence, “Mac Daddy Santa” is way up.

Tiger Woods has been public about his Buddhist faith, especially since the scandal that destroyed his marriage. While it would be intolerant to say that Buddhists are subversively working in this country to ruin Christmas, I have BIG concerns about the fact that Tiger is not a Christian.

Since he believes in reincarnation, could he just believe that Santa is the reincarnation of the Buddha? And replacing Jesus with a hotter, more marketable “Mac Daddy Santa” could be a plot take Christ out of Christmas and turn it into Buddhamas???!?

Probably, but I’ll have to do more research.

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