Weeklong SoCal Earthquake Warning Ends, But Anxiety Remains for Some

Southern Californians learn to live with the risk of earthquakes.

But over the last week, anxieties were particularly heightened, and the natural denial that is part of living in earthquake country was harder to pull off.

A swarm of seismic activity at the Salton Sea that began a week ago prompted scientists to say there was an elevated risk for a big San Andreas fault earthquake. By Tuesday, that risk had lessened, and the California governor’s Office of Emergency Service said that the earthquake advisory period was over.

But the impact of that warning was still being felt. For some, it meant checking quake safety lists. Others looked at preparing for the Big One, such as bolting bookshelves to walls, installing safety latches on kitchen cabinets and strapping down televisions.

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(Credit: Los Angeles Times Graphics)

(Credit: Los Angeles Times Graphics)

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