Weekly Treasure: 1987 Pontiac Tojan
95320 Weekly Treasure: 1987 Pontiac Tojan

Weekly Treasure: 1987 Pontiac Tojan

GM commissioned performance company Knudsen Automotive to upgrade Firebird GTA coupes and convertibles with improved styling, power, and handling. Pontiac shipped Firebirds to Knudsen’s Omaha, Nebraska plant for final assembly, along with LB9 Tuned Port Injection 305 V8 engines and unique automatic transmissions. Knudsen’s upgrades included a Knight Rider-like digital dashboard, three-piece wheels, power disc brakes at all four corners, a beefier suspension, and exotic bodywork directly inspired by the likes of the Ferrari 305 and Lamborghini Countach.

Owners also enjoyed a wooden dashboard, cruise control, power windows and mirrors. It was the ’80s and those types of features weren’t always standard. Beginning in 1985 and ending in 1991, no more than 300 examples were produced, each built to order. Buyers simply had to go to their local Pontiac dealership to make the purchase.

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