‘Westworld’ Recap: [SPOILER] Is A Host & [SPOILER] Dies At Their Hand

Whoa! The Nov. 13 episode of ‘Westworld’ takes everyone for a ride, as Dolores and William head into uncharted territory in the amusement park, Maeve decides to make some serious changes to her ‘routine,’ and Bernard’s job is threatened.

If you’re the type of person who has been sticking with Westworld since the beginning because you love it, but were starting to get antsy because you didn’t have enough answers yet, “Trompe L’Oeil” is your reward for hanging in there. The title of the episode is a French word that means to “deceive the eye.” It is used to refer to art that creates an optical illusion making objects appear like they are three dimensional, when they are really 2D. Any 2D characters we know of on Westworld who are starting to become more self-aware, and thus, three dimensional? Just saying.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. This week’s episode opens with Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) dreaming about reading to his little boy, Charlie, who we know passed away some time before the start of the series. He’s reading to Charlie from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, a book he has also read with Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) during their one-on-one sessions. Clearly, Bernard has a certain fascination with going “down the rabbit hole.”

Shaking off the darkness that comes with dreams like this, Bernard goes about his daily tasks, including asking Hosts during simple diagnostic tests as to whether they have ever, “questioned the nature” of their existence. Nope? Good. Moving on. Bernard is looking for Elsie (Shannon Woodward), who tried to contact him at the end of last week’s episode after finding out that Theresa (Sidse Babett Knudsen) was the one stealing information from the Hosts inside the park. But, once Bernard got a chance to call her back and get the scoop, she had been snatched away by God knows who. Oops.

So, now Bernard is suspicious of Theresa based on the little bit of info he was able to gain from Elsie. But Theresa is less concerned about Bernard and more concerned with what Charlotte (Tessa Thompson), the executive director of the Delos Destinations board, wants her to be doing so that she can, you know, keep her job. And what Charlotte wants is to get Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) to retire. And in order to do that, they are gonna need to plan a little “accident.”

Checking in with Dolores and William (Jimmi Simpson), who have all but forgotten about Logan (Ben Barnes), we find that the pair are having some pretty deep and intimate talks and that William seems to have completely let go of the fact that Dolores is not really human. He tells her he always wanted to live in a story, and that’s how he sees her world, and she says she wants to escape the story she’s been living in her whole life and follow a new path (though it’s obvious Dolores still hasn’t grasped that whole “real world” thing yet). As the two discuss Juliet, the woman William has waiting for him “back home,” Dolores is saddened and William pretty much says screw it and they, well, you know.

‘Westworld’ Season 1 — Photos

The pair wake up the next morning without any regrets, other than the fact the train they are traveling on with Lawrence (Clifton Collins Jr.) and his crew is being ambushed by confederate soldiers. They get out of there fast, only to be attacked by a Native American tribe that goes by the name of “Ghost Nation.” God, this group can’t catch a break. William and Dolores arrive at a cliff’s edge with Lawrence who wants to keep moving, but Dolores is taken with the scene, remembering it from a dream. And so, with William by her side, they decide they will continue on in that direction. Lawrence is not about that AT ALL, saying no one has ever come back from over there. Well, that’s just great.

Back in the lab, Charlotte and Theresa have concocted a plan to oust Ford. You see, they snatched Clementine (Angela Sarafyan) from the park while she was talking to Maeve (Thandie Newton), who is getting really good at this whole “playing dead” thing, and are using the Clementine to prove that the last update that was made to the Hosts’ programming was faulty and is actually making it possible for them to attack guests.

As we watch Clementine beat down on a Host that she is programmed to think is a real human, Charlotte threatens to fire Bernard for his department’s screw up, unless he can say that the coding problem was not their fault. Seeing as we in the audience know Ford added the “reveries” (or the most recent update to the Hosts’ code), we’re waiting for Ford to say something. But he doesn’t. And neither does Bernard. And so, Bernard is sacked, and our hearts shatter into a million little pieces.

Well, getting over that as fast as possible, we return to Clementine, who is about to be “retired.” Maeve, who has found her way out of Westworld and back into the lab once more (SERIOUSLY, she’s getting way too good at this dying on command thing) demands that her new BFF Felix (Leonardo Nam) take her to see what they have done with her other BFF, Clementine, after they took her out of the amusement park. And that’s when we see Maeve witness Clementine’s lobotomy at the hand of Sylvester (Ptolemy Slocum). Maeve is seriously not cool with this, so once she, Felix and Sylvester meet up for another one of their pow-wows, she says she’s busting out of this joint. And they’re gonna help her.

And now boys and girls we’ve discussed everything there is to say about this week’s episode. Oh, except for that part. The part where Bernard goes to Theresa and tells her he’s totally on to her and Charlotte’s little scheme. That he knows he didn’t screw up and that she is making it look like he did. But, you know what, he’s actually taking it surprisingly well and forgives her. As a matter of fact, he’s more concerned about Ford, and wants to show her the Hosts that the good old doc is keeping in the park in his creepy cabin in the woods.

Bernard tells her that no one has noticed this place before because Hosts are the ones who do the surveying in the park, and Ford has programmed them to not see this place. Then they entire the cabin and Theresa points out a door which Bernard didn’t notice before. Huh, that’s weird. They go through the door and into a basement that, wouldn’t you know it, looks exactly like the location where Bernard has his chats with Dolores. Ya, that’s definitely weird. Then, Theresa picks up some prototype designs for Hosts, and one, looks Just. Like. Bernard.

Okay, so, Bernard’s a Host. No, big deal, let’s remain calm. Okay? Everybody chill out. Wait, there is Dr. Ford coming down the stairs letting Theresa know that he’s not gonna let the board, or anyone else, mess with his park. And then, before Theresa can do more than wonder out loud if this is what happened to Arnold, Ford totally has Bernard beat in her head. Then, Ford tells Bernard to tidy himself up and they leave, as they have more work to do on the new storylines. End scene. So, that’s where we are this week, folks.

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